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Venzee and BTL Team up to Simplify Blockchain Integration


Venzee, a company leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline product information exchange, and BTL, developers of blockchain platform Interbit, announced, on Wednesday, a partnership focused on enabling their customers to deploy blockchain solutions more efficiently and with greater ease.

Venzee’s recently launched data transformation solution, Mesh, aims to greatly simplify the process of integrating blockchain networks with conventional databases, said the company in a statement. With the aid of artificial intelligence, data from existing systems can be imported, merged and transformed before being written to blockchain networks.

Since announcing Mesh, we have had interest from enterprise customers, including major retail and globally recognized banks who are looking to deploy blockchain as part of their data strategy,” said Kate Hiscox, President of Venzee, in a statement .” BTL offers a world-class, permissioned blockchain solution that, combined with Mesh, means we can provide an end-to-end solution that helps companies achieve their blockchain goals more efficiently.

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Designed to be developer friendly, BTL’s Interbit platform enables the construction of enterprise-grade blockchain-based applications without the need to learn new tools or languages, according to the statement.

We are very excited about our partnership with Venzee, especially as we believe it will result in a number of client projects originating from Mesh and BTL. The projects we see often include multiple data sources from the same or different companies. This is where Mesh helps connect the dots by merging and transforming data before it’s written directly to Interbit or any applications on the platform,” stated Dominic McCann, CEO of BTL.

The company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, with offices in Canada and the UK. It claims to have successfully demonstrated how Interbit can innovate and transform existing business processes for companies in the finance, energy, and gaming sectors.

Venzee was launched in 2014 to help ecommerce vendors and retailers easily share product information. Traditionally, this was a laborious process done using spreadsheets, Venzee states that its artificial intelligence enabled technology allows streamlined product information exchange, thus getting products speedily to market. The Company is a graduate of accelerator program 500 Startups.

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