Medicalchain Lists on 5 Major Exchanges, $24m Raised in ICO


London-based Medicalchain, a decentralized blockchain platform that enables the secure, fast and transparent exchange of medical records between patients and doctors, announced, on Monday, the listing of its MedToken on the Huobi Pro, Kucoin,, Coinbene and QRYPTOS exchanges. The company completed its initial coin offering (ICO) last Thursday.

Medicalchain aims to improve the way in which medical records are shared and secured within the healthcare system. The company believes that current record keeping in healthcare is fragmented and this has led to security lapses in patients’ information, incorrect decision making, delays and unnecessary costs.

Having completed a successful ICO, the company states that it is now working with health professionals in several countries on projects to pilot the new healthcare record system. Following its launch, Medicalchain plans to roll out two platform applications:

  • A telemedicine app that will connect doctors and patients around the world via video and enable them to share their medical records, allowing for more complex, remote diagnoses.
  • A health data marketplace that will allow patients to monetize their healthcare records by granting access to research companies, while maintaining anonymity.

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, Co-Founder and CEO of Medicalchain, said, in a statement: Medicalchain is focused on addressing the issue of a fragmented healthcare system. By creating an immutable, healthcare record that is incorruptible, trusted and cannot be deleted or tampered with – by patients or clinicians alike – we’re empowering patients to be at the centre of their care and enabling clinicians to make informed decision-making, as well as communicate to each other with ease.”

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