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Mosaic: Blockchain Research Network Strives for Objectivity Via Cryptocurrency


Mosaic, a decentralized research network focused on cryptocurrencies, has emerged from stealth mode, ahead of its official launch in Q1 2018. Developed by researchers and engineers from the world’s leading universities, according to its statement, Mosaic leverages blockchain technology to ensure quality and objectivity of research in an industry the company believes is plagued by a lack of credible analysis.

Participants will be required to have “stake in the game” for any research/analysis they wish to contribute, with the Mosaic (MZX) tokens serving as the stakes, according to the statement. The company believes this will help ensure objectivity on the platform. Additionally, the Mosaic community will be provided with the means to reward good analysis over poor, voting on MZX token bonuses for participants who post the best content.

Mosaic will also punish participants for inaccurate, unfounded or subjective information, which it believes is one of the most underrated challenges the cryptocurrency market currently faces on the path to mass adoption. Those penalized are subject to penalties including having their MZX stake can be taken away or discontinued, says the statement.

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Garrick Hileman, CEO of Mosaic, and Cryptocurrency Researcher at Cambridge University, is described, in the company’s statement, as one of the world’s most-cited experts on cryptocurrencies. “I’ve been involved in the blockchain research community since its genesis, and the dearth of quality research available at a time of such explosive industry growth is alarming,” he stated. “With the team we’ve assembled, we believe the Mosaic platform can be the decentralized, trusted solution to this lack of rigorous and trustworthy research, leveraging the incentives mechanisms enabled by blockchain technology to grow a strong, global research community.”

Mosaic will feature elements of a social network, data feed and portfolio tracker, says the statement. For users to access and view research content, they will need to hold MZX tokens to pay for platform subscription fees.

“Ultimately, we want Mosaic to serve as both a social network and data software platform for the cryptocurrency research community,” Hileman continued. “Utilizing our unique market intelligence protocol and years of experience in this space, we’re confident Mosaic will become the public’s trusted portal to the crypto world in the years to come.”

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