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Leafbuyer Looks to Gain Advantage With Blockchain Verification


Launched in 2013, Leafbuyer Technologies, an online cannabis deals database that helps consumers locate and learn about dispensaries or product companies in their area, announced on Wednesday that it had moved into stage two of its blockchain implementaion plan, which uses analytics and data to reliably verify transactions and record the movement of plants in the fast-growing legal marijuana supply chain.

Leafbuyer said, through working with data specialist Wunderkind Technologies, its systems management team will now begin working to accurately verify referrals, customer traffic, point-of-purchase and pricing for clients in real time.

“We are moving forward with our strategic implementation of blockchain, which, in the long term, should provide us with top-tier security and highly transparent data we can present to our clients,” said Leafbuyer Technologies CEO Kurt Rossner, in a statement. “The power of the technology is analytics and real time data that is instantaneously secured, time stamped and verified. It is this level of data that the ancillary business of the future must possess to prove to client dispensaries the origin, conversion and retention of customers.”

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Leafbuyer believes that blockchain features that keep transaction records safe, tamper-proof and substantially decrease the risk of fraud may provide the critical competitive distinction that the company needs within a multi-billion cannabis industry that still faces strict regulatory scrutiny.

“With better technology we will have the ability to vastly expand our databases and attract new customers with verified, transactional data,” said Mark Breen, COO and Vice President of Business Development, in a statement “As the use of medical and recreational cannabis continues to expand in the United States and Canada, we intend to become the company that produces the highest quality, most accurate data for our current and future clients.”

The company’s website provides information on cannabis deals and is used by businesses in the marijuana industry to showcase their products and attract new customers. Leafbuyer says its network reaches millions of marijuana consumers each month.

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