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Genomic Platform Shivom Joins With Genetic Technologies to Speed Cancer Prediction


Advancing what is, potentially, a life-saving application of the blockchain, big data genomic platform Shivom is partnering with molecular diagnostics group Genetic Technologies (GTG) in an attempt to accelerate the cancer prediction rate for millions worldwide.

According to a press release, GTG, based in Germany, has developed a clinically validated test, BREVAGenplus, for non-hereditary breast cancer. However, collecting data to develop this has been a mammoth task, taking seven years. By partnering with Shivom and its vast genomic database of unique IDs, that timeline will be massively reduced.

“Our partnership with GTG is so significant because, by bringing together the millions of individuals’ genomic profiles that Shivom enables with GTG’s market-leading tests, as well as those of many other partners, we will create critical mass that accelerates transformative disease prevention and personalized healthcare,” said Dr. Axel Schumacher, co-founder & CEO of Shivom, in a statement. “This sort of big data analysis and healthcare servicing is only possible through blockchain. The low-cost management of data that it enables allows us to revolutionize how genomics is presented to the world.”

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Shivom intends for its blockchain-enabled healthcare platform to become the largest unique genomic and healthcare data-hub in the world. Using its Global Genome IDs, the company said it wants to revolutionize preventative healthcare, as well as the discovery of cures for 7,000 rare genetic diseases.

GTG also believes that, by working with Shivom’s data, it will be able to identify cancer risks and other diseases much more quickly than was previously possible. It believes that Shivon’s use of blockchain technology has created a secure global genomic database that addresses the security and privacy issues that make individuals reluctant to share genomic data.

“As this data can be encrypted and anonymised and, crucially, remains under the ownership of the individual, not Shivom, we expect to see a big increase in the number of people taking up genomic sequencing. We believe that increased usage will also be driven by the fact that our system enables users to monetize their data by sharing it anonymously with various medical institutions – like GTG – within our ecosystem,” added Dr. Schumacher.

“Because of our focus on sequencing ethnic minorities and broad global geographies, the Shivom platform will greatly streamline and simplify the task of collecting information for companies like GTG, thereby enabling them to more readily introduce highly-accessible test kits to the market,” concluded Gourish Singla, Co-Founder & COO of Shivom.

Shivom is currently holding a private sale for its OMX token, with details of an initial coin offering (ICO) due to be announced.

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