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Dash Files Patent Ahead of Heralded Evolution Platform Launch


The Dash Core Group, which develops and maintains the USD 3 billion digital currency, has filed what it calls a “provisional patent” for its new Evolution Platform, coming later this year. The new platform promises some big changes to Dash’s network, according to a company statement, released on Friday.

Giving similar reasons to Tesla’s, with their “Good Faith Clause” open patents, Dash stated that monetization plans were not the reason for the filing. Instead, it was to ensure that third-parties utilizing the technology do so in a non-malicious manner and to prevent others from attempting to patent and monetize the company’s innovations.

“The Evolution platform is going to introduce dramatic improvements to Dash’s network and we can’t wait to officially launch the Alpha version of the platform later this year,” said Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, in a press release. “This patent filing is a major milestone for us, and enables us to start sharing Dash improvement proposals – a series of technical documents outlining the Evolution technology – with the Dash community in the weeks ahead.”

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The patent is for an overlay on the existing Dash protocol, enabling blockchain-based user accounts, as well as storage of metadata and the rules that govern interactions between accounts, while preserving the decentralization of the Dash network, the press release stated.

As well as making clear that the provisional patent, ‘Methods and Systems for Object Validated Blockchain Accounts,’ has been filed for defensive protection of the technology, the release states that innovations will be freely licensed to the public, subject to an appropriate licensing policy.

The patent will not become a public record for up to 18 months, when a non-provisional patent will be filed. In the interim, the Dash team will be releasing new details on the Evolution platform ahead of its official launch later this year, including several demos over the coming weeks, according to the statement.

“The Dash project has always been focused on making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise,” Taylor added. “The Evolution platform is going make that vision a reality, delivering a decentralized, PayPal-like experience to users. That’s necessary for mass adoption and becoming relevant to people in their daily lives.”

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