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Yoo-Mi PHA Uses Tokens as Incentives for Its AI-Powered Wellness Platform


Developers in Israel have created a blockchain-based wellness platform. Yoo-Mi PHA blends AI with clinical psychology to provide users with a Personal Health Assistant (PHA), offering tips, guidance and incentives to help individuals achieve wellness goals, according to a statement released by the company on Saturday.

Yoo-Mi PHA runs on /UME tokens, currently available in a presale which has raised over USD 33 million to date, according to the Yoo-Mi ICO website.

Providing an incentive system to reward users for completing steps towards better physical well-being, the tokens also enable cost-saving purchases and cashback within the Yoo-Mi PHA marketplace.

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Token rewards are made when users make a step towards attaining a stated wellness goal, such as losing a kilo, choosing a healthy meal or tracking the vitals in their blood test results. By using the token, users have access to cost-saving purchases and up to 15 percent cashback on an array of wellness products and services in the Yoo-Mi PHA marketplace, including personal trainers, nutritional supplements and weight loss aids.

Yoo-Mi PHA was created by a team of clinical psychology experts and AI innovators, with the objective of tapping into the complex personal and psychological drivers that so often distract, tempt and discourage people away from persevering with their wellness goals, states the company. The platform applies deep psychology to deep learning technologies (AI) to boost motivation through a personalized incentivization system that rewards each user for taking proactive steps toward their self-improvement goals.

“In founding Yoo-Mi PHA, we wanted to take the burden of self-motivation away from our users. We wanted to strip back the noise out there dictating generic wellness and nutritional advice, to provide real, hyper-personalized, motivating guidance for each person,” said Yoram Kraus, CEO of Yoo-Mi PHA, in a statement. “By understanding our users, the psychology-driven AI Avatar creates and motivates each person through real programs, language and incentives toward their individual path of success.”

For information about Yoo-Mi PHA’s Token Generation Event, go to

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