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Wikipedia Rival Everipedia Sets June Airdrop Date


Everipedia, the peer-to-peer blockchain encyclopedia, which claims to have more content than Wikipedia, has announced details of its planned airdrop, which will use the EOS.IO genesis snapshot tool to distribute /IQ tokens to holders of /EOS tokens on an, as yet, undisclosed date in June.

Genesis stated, in a press release on Tuesday, that /IQ tokens will be a central component of the incentive structure within the Everipedia protocol, which rewards users for curating articles and allows every editor to become a stakeholder in the network.

The Everipedia Network itself will go live shortly after its EOS mainnet is released, and every /EOS token that is purchased throughout June will be entitled to /IQ tokens proportionate to the amount of /EOS held, Everipedia said.

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To receive /IQ tokens in June, users should ensure their /EOS tokens are registered for mainnet snapshotting. In the event that there will be multiple competing /EOS mainnets in June, this distribution method will give complete flexibility on network choice since the genesis snapshot process is mandatory for any EOS network launch. In such a scenario, there would likely be a community vote for picking a network.

Everipedia, which launched in 2015 as a fork of Wikipedia, announced in February funding of USD 30 million from a group of strategic investors led by Galaxy Digital’s EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund.

“The airdrop will play a significant role in helping Everipedia accomplish as wide a distribution as possible for IQ tokens,” said Travis Moore, Everipedia Co-Founder and CTO, in a statement.

Everipedia stated that its airdrop method matches its commitment to transparency and security.  The company states it will not ask for public keys or access to any funds, nor will it solicit purchases or conduct giveaways. Further details about the percentage of the utility tokens that will be airdropped, the ratio of IQ to EOS tokens and the total circulating supply will be released as the airdrop date nears.

Following its original airdrop announcement in Korea in January 2018, Everipedia said it has continued to build out its peer-to-peer knowledge platform, now counting more than three million unique monthly visitors and about six million encyclopedia articles.


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