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MobileBridge Launches Token Sale for Momentum Loyalty and Engagement Platform


MobileBridge on Saturday launched its private token sale for its upcoming crypto loyalty program, Momentum. Momentum offers a suite of engagement tools that allow brands to engage with their followers and collect information for data-driven insights while giving customers and brand advocates greater control over their data and rewards. MobileBridge is currently collaborating with brands such as Burger King, Volkswagen, Dansk, Supermarked, and Pirell, according to the company’s statement.

The Momentum platform is designed to work across different stores, brands, and chains (e.g. restaurants or gaming centers), acting as a point of exchange for many different branded tokens. Users can convert rewards they received in one location to those redeemable in another and are offered token based incentives and rewards while retaining full control of their user profile, said the statement. Users can be rewarded for actions like leaving a review, promoting a product or brand on social media, and offering up specific user data for businesses to analyze and use.

As well as enabling brands to launch their own rewards token, the company promises to  provide them with a more effective understanding of the life cycle and effect of their marketing dollars through direct interactions and data feeds from some of their most important customers.

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CEO of MobileBridge Momentum Kees de Vos said, in a statement, “By introducing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Momentum is able to focus on revenue, brand awareness and loyalty on a much larger scale, and provide consumers full control and visibility. For MobileBridge, blockchain technology solves two challenges, user identity and profile management, and the incentivizing of consumer loyalty.”

MobileBridge’s private sale runs through April 23, followed by a public sale from April 23 through  May 25.

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