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Malta-Based Decentralized Ventures to Spearhead Crypto Island’s Blockchain Services Provision


Blockchain services provider Decentralized Ventures on Tuesday announced its official launch, with the objective of bolstering Malta’s crypto communities. The self-termed full-stack provider aims to strengthen market opportunities in what has come to be known as “crypto island”, due to favorable regulatory conditions there for companies focused on distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

A partnership between initial coin offering (ICO) specialist TokenKey and token research and Blockchain consultancy Strategic Coin Inc., Decentralised Ventures is designed to support the Maltese government’s plans to create the world’s first fully regulated market for ICOs, DLT and virtual currencies, a statement said.

Malta’s decision to establish a regulated DLT market contrasts with the position being taken by
many other national governments. In February, the Mediterranean island’s government announced plans to set up a new organization called the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, which will certify companies wishing to make use of DLT platforms for financial and other purposes.

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“Malta will be the first country to provide regulatory certainty, in real terms, to the blockchain and crypto community,” said TokenKey CEO Christopher Emms, in a statement. “We are proud to be the first full-stack service provider here to support Malta’s ambition to become ‘Blockchain Island’ through our many industry-leading clients and partnerships.”

Jeffrey Weinberger, President of Strategic Coin, added, “We firmly believe in the power of blockchain technology to transform and decentralize business processes, and we stand ready to assist any company looking to participate in Malta’s certain and favorable regulatory climate with our expertise in token generation events, research and branding.” 

The country’s efforts to seize the initiative in crypto markets have attracted numerous startups to the islands, as well as two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and OKEx, with both recently announcing plans to move operations to Malta.

Decentralised Ventures said it aims to encourage more businesses and organizations to take advantage of Malta’s regulatory approach by supporting the development of fully decentralized financial markets built on blockchain and similar platforms. 

The company offers end-to-end services for organizations involved in the token, crypto or peer-to-peer lending markets, as well as payment services for exchanging tokens to fiat, advisory introductions to industry service providers, and sector-specific marketing and PR services, a statement said. 

Drawing on its jurisdictional expertise in Malta, the company also specialises in regulatory and compliance guidance, according to a statement.


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