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Blackmoon Launches Asset-Management Platform Services


Blockchain-based asset management platform, Blackmoon, which reached a USD 30 million hard cap in less than 20 hours during its token sale in September 2017, announced on Tuesday the launch of its platform services.

From this week, both eligible crypto and traditional investors have the ability to invest in Blackmoon’s first asset tokens, according to a statement.

Blackmoon aims to bridge the traditional investment world with the crypto atmosphere. The platform provides tools for asset managers intending to tokenize their investment fund portfolio in a legal and compliant way, a statement said.

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“The [Blackmoon] platform has been under ongoing development these past seven months. During this time, we have signed several strong partners, including banks and brokerage firms, to ensure that our service provides the necessary tools for asset managers that are willing to take the industry to the next level”, said Oleg Seydak, CEO and founder of the company, in a statement.

Seydak also noted that the blockchain industry has developed quickly since Blackmoon’s initial token sale, and explained the company’s goal which is to ensure it provides a compliant solution for the asset management industry.

One of the first asset tokens available on the platform is expected to closely track the performance of the Standard and Poor 500 Index, according to a statement. The company said the token will enable its holders to gain exposure to the US large cap space without exiting the blockchain ecosystem.

Blackmoon COO Sergey Vasin said, in a statement, that there will be two additional asset tokens listed on the platform in the next month that set to provide exposure to US-based hedge funds. Blackmoon also plans to launch a token providing access to some of the most liquid ETF indexes in the category.

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