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WISeKey Teams Up with Soul Machines to Develop Humanlike Bot for Security Q&A


Cybersecurity and internet of things (IoT) company WISeKey and Soul Machines, a New Zealand -based artificial intelligence (AI) company, on Wednesday announced their collaboration on INeS, a new Security Digital Human. The bot is designed to answer questions on security and IoT issues.

Similar in appearance to other Soul Machines-designed Digital Humans, viewable on the company’s YouTube page (and in the image above), INeS connects with WISekey’s cybersecurity platform, which is designed for large-scale blockchain, AI and IoT applications and based on standard technologies, according to the company.

The technology behind INeS is intended to integrate WISeKey cybersecurity with Soul Machines’ emotionally responsive artificial humans and integrates with IBM Watson.

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According to the press release, INeS is currently able to answer basic questions spoken by users such as, “How do I install a cryptochip?,” and “What do I do if I get hacked?”

It’s a solution that can be used in multiple industrial applications to optimize productivity across industries through predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery and create truly smart homes with connected appliances, said the company.

WISeKey’s IoT security framework is built on the use of digital certificates stored in tamper resistant, secure elements such as its VaultIC407 and business applications, while INeS operates in the back-end to enable authentication of the IoT devices and business applications.

INeS features entity management, message security policy management and business rules management, and it interfaces with both the Cloud infrastructure and business applications, the company said.

INeS can remotely identify credentials and control activation, deactivation, revocation, renewal and securely provision for IoT edge devices and business applications.

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