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Cloud Alternative SONM Connects a Million Devices in Fog Network


Cloud alternative SONM, a decentralized, fog computing platform, claims to have connected a million devices simultaneously, creating a cost-effective virtual marketplace for buying and renting computer power.

According to an announcement on Tuesday, after raising USD 42 million, SONM has now released its MVP Testnet to allow developers to sample its range of fog computing services. They can also relay critical feedback and necessary improvements to be made to the platform, ahead of the product’s first commercial release this summer.

The SONM marketplace consists of suppliers and consumers that either rent out or purchase computing power to perform their tasks.

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Consumers that connect to the virtual space can either select a rental time or buy available power needed for their projects, and then calculate the cost accordingly. Power resources can be used to render videos, host apps and websites, make scientific calculations, manage data storage, or work with machine learning.

Suppliers, the computing power owners, earn /SNM tokens when they sell computer resources to the consumers.

According to the company’s statement, SONM, founded last year, is decentralized, transparent and free from ownership, and is also less expensive than centralized competitors.

“It’s our dream to provide an all-inclusive alternative to the cloud, that can complete more than one task amongst a variety of clients and their computational needs,” stated co-founder of SONM, Aleksei Antonov (pictured), in a statement. “Based on blockchain technology and by using fog computing services, we have successfully built an environment where cryptocurrency and computing power resources can complement each other, with an ever-expanding potential that comes from the millions and millions of devices connected to our platform from all over the world.”

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