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Swachhcoin to Use Blockchain to Mitigate Waste Crisis, Airdrop Tomorrow


Waste management project Swachhcoin today announced that its Presale will start on June 1, preceded by an airdrop for community members, scheduled to start by tomorrow, Thursday 24 May.

Swachhcoin, which has team members around the world, aims to create a global ecosystem to solve the problem of waste management. It aims to use blockchain technology to reward users for sustainable waste solutions and uses AI, big data and internet of things (IoT) technology.

Aditya Kumar, Swachhcoin’s CEO said, in a statement: “We have a number of exciting updates in the pipeline regarding our first platform deployment in the coming days. I would also like to thank our community members for their tremendous support and also our team members and advisors for associating with our cause.”

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The Swachh token (/SCX) is an ERC20 utility token that provides real-time incentives for human behavior to manage waste effectively and sustainably, said the Swachhcoin team. They aim to empower their customers to contribute towards a lower carbon emission economy.

Following news in Lebanon, where a waste crisis has emerged after a large landfill site closed without proper alternatives, it’s clear that modern societies need to re-evaluate temporary landfills solutions. In the UK, on average, every person throws away seven times their bodyweight in waste every year. Blockchain technology offers viable solutions in the form of a public database, that cannot be altered, and uses incentives to operate. It’s these factors which Swachhcoin seeks to leverage.

Swachhcoin has partnered with Secure Blocks, an Indian organisation that provides blockchain solutions. Secure Blocks have partnerships in place with GoScale, Project Globatrix and Public Reputation Network. Swachhcoin has also teamed up with Stox which is an Ethereum-based prediction market allowing users to predict outcomes in sectors including finance, sport and politics.

Swachhcoin’s Presale will begin on June 1 at 15:30 UTC and will last until June 15 or until all the allocated tokens are sold, according to the company The Main Sale is scheduled to start on July 1 and will continue to August 8. For details of the airdrop, please join the Swachhcoin Telegram group here.

image by AnncaCC BY 2.0

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