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Deutsche Börse Lays Out Blockchain and Technology Focus in 2020 Strategy


Deutsche Börse Group, the Frankfurt-based financial services organization behind the world’s ninth largest stock exchange, presented details on Wednesday about its ‘Roadmap 2020’ strategy focused on organic growth, targeted acquisitions, and investment in new technologies, with an emphasis on blockchain tech.

In order to strengthen and expand its position as a leading European financial markets infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse is targeting investment of EUR 270 million in key technologies, funded by restructuring (which includes cutting 350 jobs), by the end of 2020. 

Of particular note is Deutsche Börse’s commitment to investments in key areas of technology related to data and distributed ledger technology. The company specifically called out blockchain alongside big data analysis, cloud computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence as targets for exploring new lines of business and corresponding profits. Improvements will generally be focused on enhancing efficiency in the existing business and one-off costs of preparing this initiative will total nearly EUR 200 million in 2018, the company stated.

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Theodor Weimer, CEO of Deutsche Börse AG said, “With the ‘Roadmap 2020’, Deutsche Börse is preparing itself for the future and for further growth in the best manner possible. We will be focusing even more consistently on the scalability of our business model and on enhancing our operational processes. Overall, this will make us faster and more efficient. The new Executive Board team is determined to reignite Deutsche Börse’s strengths as a leading financial markets infrastructure provider with global ambitions. By the end of 2020, we want Deutsche Börse to be a more efficient company – and a bigger one, with more employees than today.”

The Deutsche Börse executive board will also be revamped and will be responsible for implementing the Roadmap 2020 strategy, with Thomas Book and Stephan Leithner set to join the board July 1, and Christoph Böhm scheduled to come on board November 1.

Other well known financial institutions have been taking a closer look at blockchain and cryptocurrencies in recent months, including the US-based NASDAQ exchange, which signaled a potential future interest in becoming a cryptocurrency exchange.

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