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ShelterZoom: Interest in Blockchain Real Estate Solution Ramps Up


ShelterZoom, the New York-based real estate offer and acceptance solutions provider, announced on Monday that their blockchain-based Offer NOW application is currently live in more than 10 US states and in Ontario, Canada. The company states that interest in its platform has been astounding, with sign-up requests received from an additional 22 countries around the world.

ShelterZoom’s Offer NOW button allows users to click a single button to quickly and easily begin the process of making a secure offer over the Ethereum blockchain. 

The company was also recently named a finalist in the SIIA CODEiE Awards, as the best emerging technology of 2018, and was shortlisted by the Block Awards as the Best Blockchain Startup of 2018.

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ShelterZoom Co-Founder and President Allen Alishahi said, “The overwhelming interest from real estate companies and technology providers from every part of the globe underscores our motto: ‘Unifying the real estate industry through innovation.’ ShelterZoom is well on the way to achieving its original objective of bringing the entire real estate industry onto blockchain. We truly want this new way of doing business to benefit every real estate professional and consumer. ShelterZoom is providing a much needed and cost-effective consumption model to the industry.”

According to ShelterZoom, hundreds of thousands of property listings currently feature the Offer NOW button, with the number expected to continue to grow rapidly as the company aims to target a major portion of the online real estate market within the next three years.

Beyond the US, ShelterZoom says it is increasing its footprint in Canada and rolling out its blockchain application to firms in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Real estate firms in Europe, South America, and South Africa have also expressed their interest in becoming Offer NOW and Rent NOW affiliates.

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