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Stellar Lumen Joins Lykke Exchange

Swiss-based FinTech company Lykke who are constructing a global marketplace for the low-friction exchange of financial assets, welcomes Stellar Lumen (XLM) to the Lykke Exchange. Buyers and sellers from around the world can trade XLM directly from the Lykke Wallet mobile application and from the Lykke Web Terminal.
Stellar is a platform that aims to connect financial institutions and drastically reduce the cost and time required for cross-border transfers. Stellar Lumen (XLM) is a native asset of the Stellar blockchain that is used to move money around the world and to conduct transactions between different currencies.
Users of the Lykke Exchange can trade XLM in pairs with BTC and USD.
The integration supports Stellar blockchain transactions. Please note that in Stellar blockchain transactions are made up of a list of operations. Now Lykke supports only Payment operations. We will notify you when it changes.
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