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Home News First Crypto Marathon held in Lithuania – Runners win Tokens

First Crypto Marathon held in Lithuania – Runners win Tokens

Thousands of runners who used the Lympo Run app to track their runs helped turn Vilnius marathon into the first crypto marathon in the world


Lithuanian Blockchain company Lympo, successfully launched its early version of the app (called Lympo Run) on September 9, during Vilnius Marathon – the largest annual marathon in the region.

More than 15 thousand running enthusiasts from 55 countries took part in Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon this year. Almost 4 thousand runners used Lympo Run to track their runs and earn LYM crypto token rewards for successfully completing events.

A wave of interest from marathon participants helped Lympo Run to instantly rise to the top and become the No. 1 health and fitness app in Lithuania on both Google Play and the App Store.

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“During the marathon, I’ve had a chance to talk with a few runners who used Lympo Run to track their races. It was incredibly inspiring to finally see people enjoying the app and actually getting rewards for completing challenges. We still have so much ahead of us, but this was truly a beautiful start and a major milestone in Lympo’s journey,” – said Ada Jonuse.

Lympo who incentivizes healthy habits by rewarding people for completing sports challenges, is encouraging healthy living around the world by rewarding people for exercising and leading more active lives. With the help of blockchain technology and fitness gamification, users are paid through the app for completing fitness challenges.

The rewards are issued as LYM crypto tokens and they can be used to purchase sports products, such as sports clothes and sneakers on the Lympo marketplace, right from inside the app. LYM tokens can also be exchanged to euros or dollars on digital currency exchanges.

Being overweight affects up to 70% of European adults, and not only would incentivizing physical activity address this problem by encouraging a more active lifestyle, but the health and fitness products that LYM tokens buy could help more people easier achieve their own personal fitness goals.

Lympo has already closed partnership deals with the sports world elite like the No. 2 women tennis player in the world Caroline Wozniacki and the NBA club Dallas Mavericks.

“It’s a winning combination to offer our runners a new way of motivation for their quest to achieve health goals and have Lympo Run supporting this year’s Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon,” said Race Director Darius Mikulis.

Lympo CEO, Ada Jonuse, is a frequent speaker at blockchain events and has been named an emerging European tech star by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 list partners. Before co-founding Lympo, Jonuse worked for the United Nations and in the European Parliament. Her primary goal with Lympo is to create an ecosystem where data is used efficiently by all industry stakeholders, and where everyone is rewarded fairly.

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