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Walt Disney Company Cuts Deal with Blockchain-fueled to Bring Games to Southeast Asian Fans


PlayGame and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia have cut a one-year deal to bring a wide collection of games to
Southeast Asia fans. The games will feature staple characters from the Disney franchise and will be available on the direct-to-play, Blockchain-fueled gaming platform, starting December 2018.

“This collaboration with PlayGame provides more opportunities to bring our beloved characters and stories closer to Southeast Asian fans through high-quality interactive game experiences,” said JeAlipio, Director and Head, Games Commercialization, The Walt Disney Company, Southeast Asia.

“We are announce this wonderful collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. of people all over the world, I am a huge fan of Disney myself. a very exciting collaboration, as our blockchain-powered decentralized gaming platform will encourage innovation and bring Disney’s well-loved creative products to the vast PlayGame community,” said Anton Soeharyo, CEO of PlayGame.

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The PlayGame platform allows players of all ages to enjoy free-to-play HTML5 games directly from their desktop and mobile browsers. Some of the game titles will feature fan-favorite characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as well as Olaf from “Frozen”:

  • Mickey’s Delivery Dash, where players must help Mickey deliver croissants across Paris to Minnie’s cafe before time runs out
  • Olaf’s Freeze Fall, where players will have to help Olaf to look for his missing arms, buttons and nose

As players develop an affinity to the platform, they can anticipate a series of surprises featuring more game titles with Disney’s favorite characters that they grew up with over the years.

The games will be first introduced across 6 countries in Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and .

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