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Flipside Crypto’s Release of the FCAS25 Mechanism Shows Health of Crypto Industry has been on the Rise through 2018/19.


Boston-based crypto market intelligence firm Flipside Crypto, a company that characterizes cryptocurrencies by tracking Blockchain transaction data, has released the FCAS25, a mechanism that tracks the overall health of the cryptocurrency industry over time. The mechanism revealed that the industry health has been on the rise through 2018 and early-2019, as the crypto space has been experiencing a cleanse following increased regulation of ICOs but also by allowing institutional capital back into the picture.

FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score and is comprised of three fundamental metrics: User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity.

Dave Balter, CEO of Flipside Crypto said:

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“When cryptocurrency prices are down, everyone worries about industry health. But price is a poor indicator for whether cryptocurrency projects and platforms are gaining customers or delivering product to the market.  We developed the FCAS25 to provide clarity into the fundamental health of cryptocurrency organizations, that isn’t reflected in price.  The data proves the cryptocurrency industry is far from over.  As a matter of fact, it’s humming.” 

Eric Stone, Chief Data Scientist of Flipside Crypto, added,

“Developer Behavior has demonstrated remarkable consistency and resilience over time, gradually increasing among the FCAS25 throughout the last 2 years. This demonstrates there continues to be a healthy commitment among the teams supporting the ongoing improvements to the top crypto projects.”

“More importantly,” said Stone, “User Activity saw a dramatic increase toward the end of 2017, but unlike the public-exchange-based metrics such as price, this metric has sustained its post-crypto-bubble levels, and even increased among the top projects. While investor interest has waned since early 2018, the top projects have successfully increased on-chain traffic and utilization of their projects; a sign of underlying fundamental health.”

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