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ObEN Launches AI Newscaster With 3D “Satoshi” Avatar to Deliver Content via PAI News App

Life-like animated Personal AI technology lets users create detailed human avatars to deliver digital content, starting with a smart anchor of Satoshi


ObEN, the artificial intelligence (AI) company creating Personal AI (PAI) technology to revolutionize digital interaction, has debuted PAI News, the first widely available app to leverage AI-driven hosts and anchors, advancing the technology beyond video demos into a consumer-facing application.

“Over 60 percent of users now consume their news via social media, much of it done on mobile devices. We wanted to introduce a new dimension to that experience, giving users the ability to listen and watch nearly any piece of content and choose who delivers that content to them,” said ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain. The ultimate goal is to create the next generation of content media – a choose-your-own approach that allows fully customizable content curation, discovery, and delivery. Satoshi is the perfect avatar to help us begin this process, having himself catalyzed a revolution in the global finance industry.”

At launch, the app will feature the 3D PAI avatar of “Satoshi” presenting news on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Created by ObEN as an homage to prevailing theories of Satoshi’s identity, the PAI avatar will serve as the first anchor on the platform, delivering the latest headlines on-demand across numerous sectors including technology, finance, law, and education.

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Through ObEN’s AI, the Satoshi PAI can automatically narrate any content added to the app, with voice and facial movements automatically generated using state-of-the-art AI technology. Upcoming features will allow influencers, news organizations, and even users to create their own AI-presented content – including the ability to choose from several premade avatars or even create their own using a smartphone.

This integration of 3D avatar and AI-driven content is a result of ObEN’s full-stack AI technology, which can take 2D selfies and convert them instantaneously into 3D avatars that can be ported into a variety of experiences. ObEN’s technology can also take short voice recordings and produce a functional AI voice with full chatbot features that can be paired with the avatar. In addition to personalized Text-to-Speech systems in a variety of languages, ObEN’s avatars are unique in that a single voice can be used to create content in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese currently available) without the need for more data. The result is a digital twin bearing the likeness and voice of any user, which can speak and appeal to a wide global audience. In the past, ObEN’s technology has been used on hit TV programs on China’s CCTV, in VR experiences from SoftBank and HTC Vive, and by music groups including Korea’s SM Entertainment and China’s SNH48, with full support for the copyright of celebrities and creators.

At launch, the PAI News app will feature sponsored channels by industry leaders including top global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global, leading technology and life sciences law firm Fenwick & West, renowned business school Insead, and top blockchain organization Project PAI.

A trial version is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Watch the video trailer for the app here.

ObEN is an artificial intelligence (AI) company developing Personal AI technology that revolutionizes how we interact in the virtual and digital space. The company’s technology allows users to create intelligent 3D avatars, known as PAIs, that look, sound, and behave like them. Deployed on the Project PAI blockchain, ObEN’s Personal AI (PAI) technology enables users to create, use, and manage their own PAI on a secure, decentralized platform. PAIs can be deployed in mobile apps, AR, VR, and a variety of other digital mediums to provide an ultra-personalized experience in gaming, social media, entertainment, and more. PAIs have been used in projects and collaborations that have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Founded in 2014, ObEN is a K11, Tencent, and Softbank Ventures portfolio company and is located in Pasadena, California.

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