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American Classic Beer Miller Lite Teams Up with Blockchain Vatom Labs to Create New Customer Experiences


Miller Lite has partnered with brand innovation company Vatom Labs, who specialise in “SmartMedia objects” that utilize Blockchain, to dole out $50,000 for Miller’s Know Your Beer program. Vatom has created a mobile “edutainment” game. What is unique about this experience is how it is leveraging NFTs (non-fungible tokens called SmartMedia Objects) to provide a robust experience including a game, social badges, rewards for virality, and ultimately to ensure that the $5 rebate coin the user receives upon winning the game cannot be counterfeited. 

“We’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to reach drinkers in the bar, on-premise,” says Lucy Bloxam, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite. “Great Taste Trivia allows Miller Lite to extend the success of Know Your Beer into the digital space. It’s new, it’s different, its engaging and it’s positioned to gamify drinkers’ time on-premise, helping make Miller Lite top of mind for the rest of the night.”

Miller Lite’s Great Taste Trivia is a 12-question trivia game served to the mobile phones of legal-age drinkers in more than 230,000 bars and restaurants across the country. If a player answers all 12 questions correctly, their prize is $5 instantly transmitted via Paypal compliments of Miller Lite!

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“Today, brands are looking for innovative and new ways to activate and engage their existing customers and acquire new customers,” said Tyler Moebius, Co-founder and CEO of Vatom Labs.  “We have built a powerful brand activation platform that leverages a new blockchain-enabled SmartMedia object that is highly-programmable and able to deliver real tangible value from the brand to the consumer– like $5 to their PayPal account—that remains a simple mobile experience.  Users see a fun, engaging game where they can kill-time, share the experience with friends, earn more ways to play and win a $5 instant prize.”

Simple and fun for users, but since the game needs to authenticate and immediately reward its players, Vatom Labs utilized its proprietary creative platform that leverages the blockchain to bring this new type of customer engagement to life. By using SmartMedia objects, Vatom Labs is able to track activations, engagements and attribute the reward based on those outcomes and to the channel where the user was originally acquired. 

Launched on July 2nd and continuing through September, the program has been met with great reception and to-date a little over half of the prizes have been won.

The trivia game has appeared in social media channels, select apps and browsers via a geotargeted media buy that will serve the game to users identified inside bars and restaurants. Others can grab the game via QR codes on posters and other point-of-sale materials inside bars and restaurants.

Moebius added:

“We believe providing brands with the ability to create engaging and immersive digital promotions and activation experiences that are backed by the blockchain is the next major upgrade required to usher in the new era of brand innovation.”

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