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Coinanalyst Launches Socializer – New Communication Tool


The German artificial intelligence, big data analytics company CoinAnalyst has just launched its new communication tool for the crypto community called the Socializer. 

Since we soft-launched Socializer a month ago, we have kept working on the improvements and now it perfectly complements our core product CoinAnalyst. It will allow all users to easily share their insights and information within their crypto communities – which will lead to a higher level of transparency and understanding of the cryptocurrency world. And exactly this is one of our most important goals,” stated Pascal Lauria, CEO, and founder of CoinAnalyst.

With the Socializer by CoinAnalyst, crypto traders can get a complete overview of all their own social media profiles. They can share the latest news, rumours, and insights about cryptocurrencies, ICOs and STOs directly from the Socializer to all used social media channels with one click.

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Those posts can also be scheduled for future publication. Furthermore, it is possible to read and respond to user comments – all in one dashboard. “Socializer” is one of the few providers that completely supports XING in-depth with all its channels in addition to the usual social networks. On top of that, it will support Telegram which is unique and important for the crypto space.

In combination with CoinAnalyst’s AI-based analytics tool for cryptocurrencies, users can share interesting articles and insights directly from the CoinAnalyst dashboard.  

The Socializer is the first and only crypto-focused social media engagement tool in the market and can be purchased directly in CoinAnalyst ’s own online shop with cryptocurrencies, FIAT currencies, credit card as well as with CoinAnalyst’s utility token “COY” which traders can buy on the respective crypto exchanges.

CoinAnalyst is a German limited corporation that provides an AI-based big data analytics platform that allows any trader in the crypto asset sector and other industries to access a dashboard that monitors and analyzes real-time crypto market data. The platform collects continuously and almost in real-time all relevant information about cryptocurrencies and ICOs from all available sources. The basis for this is the proven award-winning Cogia technology. It enables semantic indexing and structuring of online data using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence and has already been used successfully by Fortune 500 customers for several years.

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