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London Blockchain Accelerator Academy Looking for Partners


In a powerful collaboration, London’s well established Accelerator Academy and Accelerator Network – who have helped over 1000 startups over an award-winning decade – have joined Edtech company Blockchain Partners (Oracle partners), industry-leading Token.Agency, and media source Blockchain News (EST 2015) to launch the Blockchain Accelerator Academy in London. 

We Prepare Startups For The World Of Blockchain at the Blockchain Accelerator Academy – London, England

Unlike typical accelerators and incubators, the collective is offering a lot more than just innovation branding at their programme and potential human resources for the future.

They are looking for corporate and government sponsors who want the following:

  1. Packaged corporate training program and shared market intelligence with our sponsoring partners – for example in a half or one-day seminar. Or live remote sessions with our pool of instructors and industry experts.
  2. Sharing protocol or platform within our accelerator programme to potentially help onboard new talent and new clients for you.
  3. We can offer you the opportunity to share intelligence via your own company resources to help educate our startups. 
  4. We can offer you cutting edge technology branding by participating.
  5. You can potentially onboard new talent or even acquire projects from our pool of innovators.
Interested? Email Richard Kastelein at – Want to know more first? Read on…
Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners


The Hardest Part Of Starting Up Is Starting Out

Blockchain is not easy – the technology is young, the knowledge is complex, the community is small. It’s not just about finance and technology but also includes elements of sociology, psychology, philosophy, game theory, and economics. For some, it’s not easy to learn, and there are few that can teach it. This is why Oracle hired us at Blockchain Partners three years ago – to solve that problem for them… we have been helping their staff globally understand Blockchain and it’s implications.

And the opportunities are massive.

The next-generation blockchain is potentially a viable platform for security, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, e-government, and IoT, among many other applications.

  1. It’s a protocol that transcends many verticals and the Blockchain technology market is expected to increase by up to $2.3 Billion Dollars by the year 2021.
  2. And it has many use cases.

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blockchain graphicAbout Us

Blockchain Accelerator AcademyThe newly-formed Blockchain Accelerator Academy (BAA) is a European incubator and learning centre for Blockchain technology – created to help startups tap into blockchain technology for both technological and fundraising purposes. 

We help startups with the following:

  • Deep learning about Blockchain from some of the top educators and Ph.D.s associated with the industry.
  • Technology integration with existing startups that want to bring Blockchain into their project.
  • Teach startups how token sales (formerly known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – or tokenised equity crowdfunding (some call them Security Token Offerings) can bring liquidity to both startups and investors.
  • Bring startups to traditional VC and Angel investors in our networks.
  • Give startups the rudimentary skills they need to grow a company.
  • We also offer advanced Token Architecture (utility tokens, security tokens, stable coins, and non-fungible tokens) for cutting-edge businesses and services.

Members of BAA have worked on over 100 Blockchain projects.

In a powerful collaboration, London’s The Accelerator Academy and The Accelerator Network – who have helped over 1000 startups over the years – have joined education company Blockchain Partners (Oracle partners), industry-leading Token.Agency, and media source Blockchain News (EST 2015) to build this programme.

The primary partners are London’s The Accelerator Network (TAN) and The Accelerator Academy (TAA).

Accelerator NetworkTAN is one of the most active delivery organisations in the UK who have delivered 45+ accelerator/business support programmes and have an alumnus over 1000 startups since launching the UK’s third accelerator in 2011 (Accelerator Academy). In 2018 TAN supported 251 companies through its programmes.

In 2015/2016 TAN won the prestigious Great British Entrepreneurs Award for National Entrepreneurs Champion and has received public endorsements from 5 different secretaries of state for their work, and been invited to discuss their successful approach to accountable and inclusive acceleration at No. 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. 

The Accelerator AcademyThe Accelerator Academy (TAA) was the third Accelerator to launch in the UK, is delivered three times a year and supports 8 – 10 companies per cohort. AA formats have been used to advise policy in the UK (HM Treasury, The EIS Association, UK Business Angel Association, The CityUK) and internationally (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Armenia, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland). Alumni of Accelerator Academy include Twizoo (acquired by Skyscanner), Doris and Dicky (acquired by Chic Retreats), PleaseCycle (acquired by Reward Gateway), Uncover (acquired by Velocity Black) etc.

Token AgencyToken.Agency – Our team has collectively worked on more than 100 Blockchain projects raising over €700 million in token sales for startups. 

Blockchain News

Blockchain News (EST 2015) – has been an official Google News source since 2015 and is syndicated by Newstex/ACI to intranets such as LexisNexis, Thomson WestLaw, ProQuest, NewsEdge, QuoteMedia, and NewsCred. With more than 250,000 unique visitors per month, it’s a pioneering publication and was the first to focus on Blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Partners EdTechBlockchain Partners has been providing Oracle staff members globally with tailor-made interactive, Blockchain education modules which are delivered live, remote by instructors using Webex technology for up to 50 students. Dr. Christian Seberino, an ex-NSA cryptographer and professor in the USA leads the team.

Interested? Email Richard Kastelein at Or connect with me here on Linkedin at @expathos and send message.

Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners


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