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Proxeus Goes Live: Building on Blockchain Without Code


Innovative blockchain workflow management software Proxeus self-coined “WordPress of Blockchain”, has just published a version of its software ready to use on the Ethereum mainnet, which will allow Blockchain neophytes the ability to create and publish document-centred blockchain applications. 

“Going to mainnet is a big milestone for Proxeus,” said cofounder Antoine Verdon. “Users can take advantage of the wide-ranging functionalities offered by Proxeus to capture their specialized knowledge and make it available in the form of automated workflows – for free or for a fee set in XES”.

“Proxeus is a great infrastructural piece for this new economy,” recently commented Swiss blockchain advisor Bernd Lapp.

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Key milestones

  • Anti-doping prototype developed with ITA prior to 2020 Summer Olympics
  • Allows easy monetization of know-how and IP on blockchain 
  • Successful use cases on three blockchains: Ethereum, IOTA & Hyperledger
  • Prototypes developed with University of Basel, WWF Switzerland, Canton Zug, and IBM

Proxeus has been developing its product since its successful Token Generation Event (TGE) in February 2018 and has now entered the rarified ranks of blockchain projects which survived the crypto winter and released a viable product to the community. 

Since the TGE, Proxeus has successfully developed applications to incorporate new businesses, issue course certificates, create donation receipts, certify assets, track shipments and make anti-doping processes more secure. In every case, Proxeus technology has proved both powerful and versatile producing solutions in record times, ranging from weeks to days.

Anti-doping use case

The Proxeus framework was recently used to prototype the digitization of therapeutic use exemptions documents for the International Testing Agency (ITA), so that uploaded documents can’t be forged.

“Blockchain can be one of the answers,” Benjamin Cohen, director-general of the ITA recently said as the organization is exploring options ahead of the Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which will lead to the issuance of 6,000 anti-doping tests. “We have to invest in technologies that will help us make the system fully secure.”

Delivering real value

Despite being one of the last successfully-funded utility projects of 2018, Proxeus is one of the first to offer a viable product to the community, an achievement that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the blockchain community. 

The Proxeus technology is free and uses Proxeus’ native XES token. Proxeus comes with all components and documentation required to configure and launch the platform as well as to deploy a smart contract to the Ethereum mainnet. The technology can easily leverage other DLT platforms – Hyperledger and IOTA have for example been successfully integrated into past projects.

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