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Mintdice – Playing it Fair with Blockchain


Blockchain innovation has recently made it possible to be more transparent and secure, something that was previously not possible in traditional casinos.

Blockchain is the technology that has now made it possible to store records of all games and bets, of final results, and the amounts that were won and paid out in the endWith Blockchain, players can always access the history of all transactions made, but also to confirm that the online system paid them out. This makes Blockchain the solution to an ongoing trust issue – which was always one of the mayor key-problems of online gambling.

MintDice is a fully-featured online cryptocurrency casino for Bitcoin Dice, Slots, Plinko and other games, such as Bit.Rocket, Bitcoin Crash game that requires luck and skill. The company seeks to bring new levels of trust between gaming fans and online gambling sites, recognizing that there is still a lot of untapped potential in the transparency and immutability features of blockchain.

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MintDice Ceo and founder Bryce Daifuku said:

For our gaming products, we use Provable Fair technology whenever possible so that we can prove matter-of-factly to all users that our games are indeed fair. This will become more important as we progress into our new games currently under development. Additionally, some of our products will be using Blockchain technology as well to help increase our trust factor to the community in a few different ways, both with financial and gaming applications”.

Bitcoin casino MintDice is also continually pushing for even more innovations, such as crowd investment, additional revenue from a risk-free Masternode/Staking investment option. People can stake their crypto into MintDice shared Masternode pools and when profits are distributed, they get their corresponding share.

The casino also gives people the unique opportunity to invest in Bitcoin by allowing them to invest directly into the casino house bankroll to earn passive income on their cryptocurrency. It’s an easy entry for casual participants via a shared casino bankroll. This is definitely something everyone can invest in.

According to Bryce, it’s is still very complicated to attract new users and to retain loyal customers. But he is passionate to do so.  

“You will want an extremely highquality product, user-interactivity features, ongoing development, community engagement, a good marketing plan, Provably Fair technology and a unique selling proposition. The last thing to add is time on the market and trust with the community by providing ongoing highquality customer service.

Head over to the official MintDice website here to see what they are all about. 

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