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Hong Kong Bank Partners with Aegis to Focus On Asset Digitalization Using Blockchain Technology

The need to join the blockchain digital asset revolution is beginning to hit banks globally

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CTBC Bank in Hong Kong has cut a deal with San Francisco-based Aegis Custody to expand its digital financial asset business, launching bundle factoring, REITs and equity investment in special asset digitalization (security tokens) to tap into channels for cash flow and support diversification of the banking sector.

Founder and CEO Serra Wei of Aegis said:

“A stable cash flow is essential for big enterprises. They will be able to access a stable cash flow after the digital digitalization of traditional assets. This is indeed the practical financial application of blockchain. The initial digitalization of assets is expected to amount to CNY20 million. This arrangement not only helps to enhance working capital allocation and financial planning but also allows Aegis, a new breed of fintech firm, to showcase its strong performance. In 2020, Aegis is targeting CNY200 billion and aiming for other core enterprises in asset digitalization to create a new type of supply chain asset digitalization platform. With the use of a blockchain smart contract, the complicated asset transaction process will become simpler and more transparent, which could transcend regions, districts and systems for transactions.”

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Aegis Custody says they see strong prospects for digital financial asset development in Asia and the action to retain a trust license in Hong Kong in 2019 is the first to be given to any fintech start-up in Asia.

The factoring digitalization platform set up by the Aegis team features third-party trust mechanisms in the USA and Hong Kong, coupled with patented technology to achieve a single-chain-multiple-validation mechanism. This will help satisfy big institutions’ need for business diversity and security.

The digital asset digitalization designed by Aegis also helps to break down assets by programing with blockchain technology to make it much simpler. This is beneficial for traditional financial institutions, as it offers liquidity at a low cost and helps those who are unable to provide financing alone.

The Aegis team believes that blockchain and digital asset management will be the irreversible course of development for enterprises and financial institutions and that blockchain technology brings about change and may completely transform the mode of transactions and financing. In its quest for innovation in technology and business modelling, Aegis started with the know-how in digital asset custody with an exclusive security chip.

The companies’ blockchain technology has been certified by the Common Criteria (CC) for Information Technology Security Evaluation in the USA, with its digital asset custody technology at the highest security level of EAL5+ for the USA, Europe, and Japan. It is in the process of applying for trust licenses in Europe, Taiwan and Singapore.

In 2019, Aegis established a strategic joint-venture agreement with Finconn, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group, to use blockchain technology in the digitalization of factoring. CTBC Bank said the Aegis digital asset digitalization platform allows investors who intend to factor with Foxconn to review each entry of related data in the blockchain, effectively enhancing the liquidity and reducing the transaction cost in factoring with Foxconn. It is the first Taiwan firm to utilize blockchain in localized digitalization factoring.

Aegis Custody makes digital assets easy for institutions to invest in by providing a flexible institutional-grade digital asset custody solution. To provide the safest trust and financial services, Aegis developed its proprietary offering by utilizing a hybrid, distributed hardware-software storage solution with security controls, self-customized workflows, sequential approvals, multi-signature accounts and insurance, while satisfying their regulatory compliance needs.

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