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    Front-end Engineer (Rakuten TV): MESD


    Tokyo, Japan
    As a front end engineer of “Rakuten LIVE” operated by Rakuten in LIVE distribution business such as “Instalive” and “SHOWROOM”, which is showing excitement in the past year, I use my skills to build and improve the site. please.
    There are about 80 people in the entire department including subcontractors and temporary staff, and the age range from 20s to 40s, mainly in the 30s.
    With the aim of further expanding our services, we are currently recruiting human resources for front-end engineers who will be in charge of site construction and renovation.

    In charge of front-end development and implementation of a new Web service for the LIVE chat video distribution service.

    Please design and develop the application from the WEB development environment construction together with the product manager and server engineer.

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    Improvement of functions before and after release, bug fixes

    Communication regarding development with the server side

    How to proceed with the development of API consultation and planningRead More

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