Frontend UI Engineer


    As a UI engineer you will have ample autonomy to experiment and iterate while implementing original prototypes and proofs of concept. You will influence our product roadmap while translating interface designs to production code, supporting payment flows that will serve millions of users. You’ll learn and contribute to cutting edge frameworks and tools, working with an amazing back-end team that is deeply invested in front-end success.

    We face a myriad of unique technical and design challenges as we build a decentralized payments network.This introduces unique new challenges to create interfaces for interacting with the blockchain while enabling familiar client-side UI/UX for blockchain-based payment flows. We need engineers that are both disciplined and imaginative, who are driven by our vision and refuse to accept that any technical problem is impossible at first impression. We hope this is you!

    Why this matters:

    Our everyday payment systems are dependent upon financial infrastructure design decades ago. Consumers benefit from rewards programs and new checkout experiences, but in the background money moves the same as ever: through insecure networks that impose unnecessary costs on all of us as they strain to meet the needs of modern commerce.

    To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we’ve put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it.

    Day to Day:
    1. Work with our Head of Product and designer to develop, test and ship prototype UIs for our payment and checkout products, our currency governance system, and our wallet application.
    2. Prototype applications to help assess user experiences and prove out new ideas.
    3. Develop and ship production versions of user experiences for products on mobile and desktop web platforms.
    4. Write Javascript libraries for integrating with various blockchain and cryptographic systems, interfacing with REST APIs as well as GraphQL APIs, and RPC-based blockchain backends.

    1. Discipline, integrity and unparalleled work ethic are three of your core values.
    2. Demonstrated experience building and maintaining high performance (load time, client-side execution) web applications targeting both desktop and mobile using HTML5, CSS3, and client-side JavaScript, including performance profiling and optimization.
    3. Designer’s sentiment and attention to detail, especially regarding user experience.
    4. Strong understanding of security and privacy.
    5. Collaborative by default with outstanding communication skills.

    Nice to Have:
    1. Experience writing dApps interfacing with Ethereum.
    2. Additional experience with React, Angular, or Svelte.
    3. You have some basic background understanding of cryptography – enough to understand general tradeoffs.
    4. You have experience contributing to or creating open-source projects, particularly software libraries.Read More