[Corporate] Procurment



    2409 W Kenosha St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, USA

    The Procurement Management Division is responsible for designing the purchasing process for each business in the group and for making the rules necessary for its operation. The development of these business foundations is contributing to the dramatic growth of the entire Group. We constantly support the success of each business by investigating and analyzing the current business process, collaborating with our business partners and repeating improvements.

    Job details:

    We are carrying out the work related to (1) to (3) below.

    (1) Purchasing process construction

    – Design procurement / purchasing processes to achieve business success

    (2)Procurement / purchasing rules

    – Preparation of regulations necessary for smooth operation of procurement / purchasing process

    (3) Process improvement

    – Investigating / analyzing the actual situation while discussing with each department and business partner, and working on problem solving…

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