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Vottun Unleashes Secure, Independently-Verifiable, COVID-19 Test Results via Blockchain Technology

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Tim Draper-backed Blockchain company Vottun has issued a new secure, independently-verifiable COVID-19 test result platform using blockchain technology. The platform will be able to provide real-time health verification for workers and people attending sporting events after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Following the introduction of the Californian bill that authorizes the use of blockchain-based technology to provide verifiable credentials for medical test results (including COVID-19 antibody tests), Vottun has released a full platform that allows issuers, including public entities, to issue COVID-19 test results to individuals based on the W3C verifiable credentials standards with decentralized identifiers (DIDs) per the AB-2004 Medical test results bill recently passed in California. As the availability and easy access to COVID-19 testing increases, Vottun is aiding the return to normal life via the reopening of universities, sporting, and live music events.

COVID-19 has brought the sporting world to a standstill. Matches have been suspended, venues have closed, and international events cancelled. The impact is predicted to cost the sporting world at least $12 billion. Vottun technology can be used to help bring these events back safely.

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Using data from medical labs, Vottun securely encrypts de-identified test results. With unique credentials, workers and employers can see the information via a mobile app and get real-time verification about individuals’ health status. All the processes comply with HIPAA, and are easy to use, with no training required. The verification then means people can be safely approved to enter sports premises, and no time is spent waiting for third-party confirmations. The solution also includes contact tracing and a health questionnaire that can be used as a pre-evaluation tool before testing.

The next steps in Vottun’s launch will involve creating partnerships with providers, test makers, and labs for rapid deployment across the U.S., and is already a part of an alliance of various technology partners focused on providing solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. After, Vottun will seek government agency partners to mandate tests and verify systems, ensuring athletes and sports fans return to training and events as soon as possible.

Founded in 2018 by Rohan Hall, an African American author and serial entrepreneur, along with other partners, Vottun uses blockchain technology to improve the way the certified data can be used in real-life scenarios. The company creates blockchain technologies for enterprises and governments. Vottun solutions include blockchain credentials, supply chain traceability, identity, APIs, and a full interoperable blockchain agnostic protocol. The company is funded by Draper Ventures (Draper B1), a leading Blockchain Venture Capital group led by Tim Draper, and has clients in the USA and Europe. Vottun has offices in both Los Angeles and Spain.

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