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UK Blockchain startup (token ticker $FET) has released new and innovative software demonstrating novel machine algorithms that will enable developers and enterprises to train machine learning models without sharing any underlying data or exposing private or personally identifying information (PII) to any of the individual participants of the system.


  • is building an open-source, open-access decentralised machine learning platform
  • Collective Learning is an implementation of the technology that enables groups of participants to train Machine Learning algorithms on datasets, without sharing the underlying data.
  • This has huge applications in healthcare, financial services and other highly regulated industries
  • has released a demo of this technology with a use case in healthcare diagnostic tests among a group of hospitals sharing lung x-rays

Humayun Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of commented:

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“With this release, we are progressively building functionality into the network, increasing utility, and developability for application builders to train AI collectively and deploy agent-based software solutions on the open network”.

Toby Simpson CTO, and co-founder of continued:

“As our healthcare demonstration shows, these algorithms will enable organisations to train machine learning models in new, privacy-preserving ways which previously had not been possible, helping realize our vision of an open, global-scale machine learning network”.

The software deployment is the next stage in the progressive release of the network (FET) which is a Tokenized Open-Source Software stack built on a decentralized network of distribution system operators.

The breakthrough vision of, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence company, is to create a decentralized machine learning platform based on distributed ledger technology, that enables secure sharing, connection and transactions based on data globally.

Healthcare use case animation’s network is based around an open-source technology that any business can operate to gain access to the power of a world-scale AI network, to carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy.

The advances in Artificial Intelligence over the past decade have been driven by the revolution in “machine learning” – the ability of computers to perform processes or tasks, using algorithms that “learn” from past experience. This has driven huge improvements in how rapidly and cost-effectively businesses can operate at scale, as well as unlocking new economic opportunities.

One of the current limitations of the Machine Learning revolution is the extent that data can be securely and ethically shared to deliver value for businesses and users. At present, huge data aggregators now control large portions of our online lives, presenting ethical and legal challenges. This data often resides in standalone “silos” where its value cannot be fully realized.

Decentralized Machine Learning enables privacy-preserving training on remote data models to enable new forms of collaboration. is releasing a code module to enable anyone to deliver collective learning solutions within their organisation.

For more information or to discover more about decentralized machine learning, please visit

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