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Korea’s Blockchain Project BOSAGORA (BOA) Wins United Nations Solidarity Award For COVID-19 Contributions

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Public Blockchain Platform BOSAGORA recently received a ‘United Nations Solidarity Award’ recently for their voluntary work in battling COVID-19.

President Inhwan Kim of BOSAGORA stated:

“I am delighted to create an example of blockchain contributing to society just along with IBM Blockchain. Technology should benefit human and further resolved that he would make the technology of BOSAGORA to be used for society.”

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BOSAGORA’s contribution was ‘Project Care’.  BOSAGORA and community members were revealed to the fact that medical staffs fighting in the front line of COVID 19 crisis suffered from extreme stress and skin damage due to a long time wearing of protective gear and delivered 100 sets of care packages to Incheon’s Gacheon University Gil Hospital to support health workers.

The ‘Care Packages’ consisted of protective products for skin, beauty facial mask, lotion and various snacks through which medical staff could use. Each package included a cheery message written by a BOSAGORA community member.

The UN received stories of various actors contributing to individual/society to overcome COVID 19 in May 2020. Among thousands of entries were gathered from all around the world and the UN hand-selected the 50 most touching and effective entries that aimed to overcome COVID 19 together.

Twenty-six experts from global institutes/organizations participated as evaluators including vice president of the European Union’s diplomacy and security committee, Director of UN development organization and Vice President of the UN Foundation.

The team from BOSAGORA has embraced the slogan ‘Make a Better World’ as a vision of its project. It plans to utilize blockchain technology and its own coin ecosystem in realizing SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) by the UN.

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