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Blockchain Company Ontology Cut Deal With Daimler To Leverage High-Performance Technologies and Transform the Driving Experience

Through Ontology’s decentralized blockchain solutions, drivers will enjoy a suite of new, highly-secure digital driving services

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The well-known high performance, open-source blockchain specializing in digital identity Ontology, is partnering with the Daimler Mobility AG Blockchain Factory, which was set up to bring the benefits of blockchain innovations and applications to the automotive finance and mobility industry. The aim is to transform the experience of drivers all over the world

The two companies have joined forces to develop a product they are calling MoveX, a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based mobility platform for the automotive and mobility industry. Utilizing ONT ID, Ontology’s decentralized identity framework, MoveX will empower user roaming, bundling, and sharing, and will facilitate the integration of services across providers, one of the main barriers to adoption.

Welcome Home, the first product on the MoveX platform, solves the trade-off for users who want to have highly personalized experiences and diverse service integrations, while also preserving their data privacy and control. The Welcome Home solution will not only be applicable to in-car experiences, but to any smart device, as they become increasingly intelligent, connected, and data-rich.

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Commenting on the partnership, Andy Ji, Co-founder of Ontology said:

“In choosing to partner with Ontology, Daimler Mobility has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and to leveraging advanced emerging technologies that deliver the best possible experience for drivers around the world. Our decentralized identity solutions can offer drivers a range of benefits that focus on security, verification, and trusted data management.”

 “To date, Daimler Mobility’s efforts to implement blockchain-based solutions have focused primarily on improving efficiencies in back-end departments and in the supply chain. However, what makes this partnership really exciting is that Ontology’s collaboration with Daimler Mobility on MoveX is a perfect example of blockchain entering the mainstream, offering tangible benefits for everyday use.”

Harry Behrens, Head of The Daimler Mobility AG Blockchain Factory added:

“Welcome Home combines mobility with social networking. By using Ontology’s unique framework for DID and highly secure data access we have combined usability with the highest standards for data sovereignty and privacy.”

The news comes as Ontology continues to strengthen ties with German enterprise and moves forward with plans to open an office in Berlin.

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