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Phemex Invitation Code: GNFLL (Get FREE Sign Up Bonus)


The Phemex invitation code is: GNFLL. New Phemex customers can register with the code and get the best welcome bonus.

Click here to register with the free Phemex invitation code today

Phemex is an extremely well-regarded cryptocurrency trading platform that also makes it very easy for traders to purchase cryptocurrency. 

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While you can sign up for an account for free, using an invitation code will allow you to claim a USD bonus that will help kickstart your spot trading experience.

There are numerous ways to get a promo on your Phemex trading account. Certain codes may allow you a fee discount while others may allow you to get 10% off Phemex services. Our referral code gets you one of the best sign-up bonuses on the Phemex platform.

What Is The Phemex Invitation Code?

Our Phemex invitation code GNFLL is a referral code that allows you to get a welcome bonus that can help you purchase BTC, USDT, and any other cryptocurrency that you may want. Alternatively, new traders can also use this amount to cover losses, something that is bound to happen to a newbie.

Remember that in general, your welcome bonus will scale with the amount of your first deposit. For example, you will get a higher bonus if you deposit 0.2 BTC as opposed to 0.05 BTC.

It is best that your first deposit after you open your account is as large as possible so that you can get the highest bonus.

Let’s take a look at how you can use our Phemex invitation code to get your welcome bonus.

How To Claim The Phemex Invitation Code?

Here is how you can use our Phemex invitation code to claim your welcome bonus:

  1. Use the link (click here) to head to the Phemex sign-up page.
  2. Register your account. Make sure to link your social media and phone number for added security.
  3. Phemex will ask you for your promo code, enter our referral code (GNFLL) and continue with the registration.
  4. When you enter the invitation code, Phemex will let you know that your code worked and that you can now claim your welcome bonus.
  5. Initiate your first deposit. You will receive the welcome bonus once your deposit is complete.
  6. Begin trading.
  7. Create your own Phemex invitation code to get further bonuses from the exchange.

While our Phemex invitation code will get you a hefty bonus, especially if your first deposit is large (e.g. if you deposit 0.2 BTC), there is no reason for that to be your only Phemex bonus. You can also join their two referral programs.

Phemex Referral Program

Almost every crypto company or exchange has a referral program. However, Phemex has two ways for you to keep receiving bonuses.

Create Your Phemex Invitation Code

You can head to the Phemex website and create your own referral code. You can send this code to your friends to get further bonuses when they register on the exchange using your code.

With your Phemex invitation code, you can save money by getting a fee discount. When your friend will register their account, you will get 10% off on taker fees for a month. On top of this, you receive 50% of the bonus paid out to your referral.

Instead of using a Phemex invitation code, you can also invite people using a referral link. This USD bonus can then be used to open positions, pay fees when you trade on the exchange, and cover your losses.

Register On The Phemex All-Star Program

If your circle is large and you have the capacity to invite a lot of people, consider the Phemex all-star program. This is a much better alternative to creating a phemex invitation code.

When you invite friends using your all-star Phemex invitation code, you make 50% of their entire trading fees.

On top of this, you also automatically make 10% of their total bonus money that they earn through the program.

Those joining through your Phemex invitation code can claim a welcome bonus of up to 100 USD.

This makes all-star an ideal platform for people active on social media, as you will be able to send your referral link to a lot of people and claim massive bonuses as a result.

Phemex Review

Now that you know how you can register and set up your own invitation code, let’s review Phemex as a platform, its trading fees, and its features when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Other reviews are available and the conclusions formed are similar.

After all, there is no point in joining a platform if the features it offers are sub-par, regardless of the bonus received through an invitation code. This review will

About Phemex

Phemex is a derivatives exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. Apart from your usual BTC/USD, the website supports a large number of cryptocurrency pairs, and you can take a look at the supported pairs on their Markets page.

Phemex also offers trading on leverage and derivatives along with the ability to earn interest on your crypto by entering into a contract.

A very important feature that we must comment on is the premium account. Having a premium account allows you to eliminate trading fees and trade in a faster manner.

There are many ways to get a premium membership, but the easiest is to use a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or USDT and pay the premium fee.

The fee is approximately 70 USD if you pay for the entire year. You can also try out the premium version for free on a 7-day trial. More details are available on the website.

Phemex Features

Here are the main features of Phemex:

  • Ability to trade on leverage (up to 100x).
  • Option to buy or sell cryptocurrency.
  • Option for both spot and contract trading.
  • Up to 10% interest on a USDT 7-day deposit contract.
  • Advanced trading platform for spot trading.
  • Numerous BTC/USD/USDT pairs.
  • Multiple ways to trade for free or get a discount on fees.
  • Ability to get a Phemex bonus by referring people to the website.
  • Acceptable BTC withdrawal fee.
  • A premium version with no fees (and a 7-day free trial).

One of the best features of phemex is its simulated trading platform. Trading a derivatives contract with 100x leverage is very risky. As such, having a way to mimic market conditions and test your skills is a great way to build confidence.

Trading Fees

As we mentioned before, those with a premium account can trade with zero fees. However, the crypto trading fees for spot accounts are not that high anyway.

All the pairs are USD Tether based, while those for derivatives are USD based.

The fees for spot trading are fixed at 0.1%, regardless of whether you use maker or taker orders. For contract trading, the fees for taker orders are usually 0.075%, while those for maker orders are -0.025%.

The initial margin varies between 1-5%, while the maintenance margin is between 0.5-1%.

You can take a look at the complete fee schedule and withdrawal limits on the fee page on Phemex’s website. Unfortunately, Phemex does not offer a coupon to reduce the fees you pay.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus that you receive when opening a trading account is essentially free money. While you cannot use that amount to place an order on the derivatives exchange, the bonus will automatically be used to pay trading fees.

When you use our invitation code, Phemex will credit the bonus to your account immediately. It is best that you deposit 0.2 BTC or more to make sure that you receive an adequate bonus.

Customer Support

Phemex is a company known for its strong customer support services. You can access the support from the website, or through their mobile apps that are available on both Android and iOS.

We can comment on the support from our personal experiences. Across multiple queries, the Phemex support team helped us solve issues with USD bank transfers and crypto deposits.

Security and Legitimacy

The last aspect of Phemex that we are reviewing is its security and legitimacy. Phemex is a fairly old cryptocurrency platform that has never been hacked or breached.

The founders of Phemex are Wall Street veterans well-versed in risk management. As such, we do not believe that there is any need for you to worry about the company being legit or your data being at risk.

All the major security features found on other crypto websites are in place including 2FA and most of your funds being held in cold storage.

Phemex Referral Code: GNFLL (For A High Welcome Bonus)

Visit the Phemex website now and use our invitation code GNFLL. This code will allow you to receive a sizeable bonus on the exchange.

While you can find a lot of codes for the platform on coupon websites, the bonus received is usually a lot less on those codes.

Once you have used the code, you will find Phemex to be a feature-rich platform that allows you to do a lot of things for free that other exchanges usually charge fees for.

Remember that you can also try the free 7-day trial of the premium version to see if you should consider subscribing to it.

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