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Struggling With Bitcoin Trading? Here Are Some Games That Can Help You Out

Bitcoin trading can be confusing which is why you need to get a grasp of the essentials before you get started. It is good to learn which assets to buy and sell, and when to do so. Market analysis is crucial aspect for making decisions as a trader.

The gaming industry is no stranger to advancements in technology. This means that Bitcoin is nothing new to the industry, and it has already adopted the tech advancements of the crypto world within their own virtual realms.

So it would be no surprise to anyone that the gaming industry has already developed its very own Bitcoin trading options. Some of them are trading simulators and they are quite useful if you are interested in Bitcoin trading or if you are struggling with it. Here are some of these games:

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is an app you can download on your smartphone. It lets you trade with fictional Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you do well, you will actually be rewarded with real bitcoin or other supported crypto, which you could trade on a real trading website again, or if you find that doing your own Bitcoin trading is a bit too much for you, you could always go for a trading platform like Bitcoin Fortress to do the trading for you.

Bitcoin Flip

Is a trading simulator that can help you learn the basics. Bitcoin Flip is a free game and a good place to make mistakes and learn how to trade with digital currencies. It lets you buy and sell finctional bitcoin and other popular cyptocurrencies.

Merge Cats

This is a game that lets you earn Bitcoin by doing daily challenges. The goal of the game is pretty simple, just find the matching cats and match them.


Is a game that is very similar to Merge Cats, but with balloons that feature popular cryptocurrencies that you need to match. The game also lets you earn cryptocurrencies by completing daily challenges.


CropBytes is a game that makes you work as a farmer, taking care of crops, which you will be able to sell to other traders online. So you can grow crops, and if you take care of them you can and sell them online. You will be paid out with real Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by completing certain challenges.


Skills are needed as a Bitcoin trader, which you could learn by playing fun online games, but once you know all the tricks of the trade you should keep a close eye on the value of this digital currency. That way you won’t be caught unprepared when making important and real trading decisions.

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