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AlphaWallet exceeds 500 forks to become the most-forked, fully open-source EVM wallet

Smart Token Labs announces that AlphaWallet has been publicly forked over 500 times, becoming the most-forked, fully open-source, EVM wallet. Developers around the world have used AlphaWallet’s source code to create more than 500 derivative wallets encompassing a wide range of assets and use cases.

Launched in 2018, AlphaWallet is the first crypto wallet to natively support NFTs. With a big update in 2019, AlphaWallet is the first mobile crypto wallet to use on-device Secure Enclave, giving users hardware-grade, ‘cold wallet level’ security.

Released in 2020, AlphaWallet 3.0 supports all EVM networks including all testnets and is equipped with many features that make it highly accessible to developers. For the general super user-agent scenario, AlphaWallet offers TokenScript compatibility. TokenScript allows builders to integrate their token logic into the wallet itself thus enabling native mobile UX , users use all the functions native in their token cards, and don’t need to open Dapps.

The forkable, open-source wallet underpins use cases across DeFi and NFTs:

AlphaWallet is built with full ENS Integration, which will allow users to use many advanced ENS features: like display ENS avatars and renew ENS names. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android, and designed with secure, cross-platform functionality across 32+ networks. Developers across the Ethereum ecosystem are using AlphaWallet as the basis for secure, flexible wallets for a wide range of assets and use cases in Web3.

Victor Zhang, CEO of Smart Token Labs, said: “We’re proud to see that AlphaWallet’s source code has been used by so many developers across the Ethereum ecosystem. Smart Token Labs is committed to creating tools that are just as flexible as Ethereum itself – everything we create is open, accessible, and free for people to use to build the tools they want in Web3.

The User Agent (wallet) is the most influential layer in the whole web3 stack, it can easily influence users’ decision on what DApp to use, what layer2 to connect, what layer1 to connect. It is very important for User Agent(wallet) to be neutral – it should be owned and governed by builders and users.”

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