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New Interactive NFT Platform Storyverse Welcomes The Bored Apes in First-Ever Community-Driven Story


Storyverse, the first-ever interactive story platform, empowering PFP owners to create and publish personalized interactive storytelling games, unveiled Ape Stories this week, an interactive storytelling game featuring Bored Apes owned by prominent members of the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Storyverse provides no-code interactive story game publishing tools for PFP communities looking to collaboratively create stories that grow and build value in their brand. Communities, tools, and tokens will work together to fuel an exciting, new community-driven character economy.

Following the Storyverse’s February 3rd announcement, Bored Apes Yacht Club community members Eric Golden, Zeneca, and TropoFarmer contributed their apes to Ape Stories to make the Apes the first collection to “Enter the Storyverse.” It’s the first time these owners saw their apes move and interact with others.

“I like how the Storyverse lets owners add utility to their PFPs,” said Bored Ape owner Tropofarmer. “I can use the platform to leverage my assets in some really interesting ways, whether it’s making my own entertaining stories, or licensing a particular PFP to other creators who feel inspired by it”.

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Storyverse was created by gaming innovators Justin Waldron and Michael Carter, founders of Playco, the world’s largest HTML5 game developer. Waldron is advisor to Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and Immutable. Carter is known for inventing Websocket, the widely used internet protocol for real time communication.

“Storyverse is focused on unlocking people’s desire to create. And in web3 that means they can create around assets they actually own. Simple tools allow anyone to make fun interactive stories with the characters they love.” said Waldron. “We’re so excited that communities like the Apes are diving in to create stories.”

In its first week, the Storyverse has attracted an impressive community of passionate creators from around the world. Notable gaming and crypto influencers, including Poopie, Chain Runners, Keisuke Honda, Carly Reilly (host of overpriced JPEGs podcast), Joel Comm (Nifty Show podcast), Big Head Club and ImmutableX have also taken notice. The momentum should accelerate as more PFP projects and stories come online.

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