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Spain’s biggest neo-bank Bnext to issue its B3X token on March 1


Spanish neobank Bnext has announced the start date for the first phase of its B3X initial coin offering as global adoption grows for its plethora of crypto remittance services. 

The first phase of the biggest Spanish neobank, Bnext, will begin on March 1, 2022. The bank aims to become a leading fintech platform in Spanish-speaking nations through its growing ecosystem of innovative financial products.

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Already a giant in many Spanish-speaking countries, Bnext is a next-generation bank offering its users secure, transparent, blockchain-based international money transfers. The company has already helped over 750,000 people achieve financial freedom with its cryptocurrency remittance service while tapping into a $120 billion dollar market. In June 2021, Bnext partnered with crypto industry leader Algorand, which is both a major shareholder and provider of the blockchain network underpinning the Bnext app.

Bnext wallet app

The Bnext digital app lets users seamlessly send, receive and request money using blockchain technology. Setting up an account is free, comes with an IBAN number, and both a virtual and physical card. In just a few minutes, customers can set up an account, download the app and start managing funds from their address book immediately.

The app uses Algorand’s low-cost, high-performance blockchain network “from the back” to send USDC, which then seamlessly off-ramps to a Bnext account in the desired fiat currency. This unique system guarantees instant, blockchain-based international bank transfers. The app is available on the App Store, Google Play and in Huawei AppGallery, so more people than ever can regain control of their finances.

Bnext: The next-world banking marketplace

The Bnext marketplace has an array of tools designed for users to grow, manage and save their money. It provides multiple advanced tools that the everyday user needs to grow and manage their capital safely and securely. The marketplace offers high-interest savings accounts, investment opportunities, loan financing, insurance, mortgages, travel and more.

There is also a strong focus on the benefit of cryptocurrency, as Bnext provides its customers the ability to buy and sell digital currencies as well as many other ways for users to grow their wealth, including index funds, fixed-term deposits and a rewards program.

B3X utility token

The Bnext (B3X) ERC-20 token is a utility token hosted on the standard Ethereum blockchain network. The maximum amount of issued tokens is capped at 3.5 billion, with 504 million of them available in the first phase of the upcoming token sale. The purpose of the token is to help strengthen the community, offer value to all Bnext users and accelerate international expansion.

Token sale

The funds received from the token sale will help Bnext scale its operations to Latin America and later globally, creating a platform that will serve as a bridge between the traditional financial system and the DeFi ecosystem that BNext is building.

The B3X token sale will happen in two phases, with the first phase starting on March 1 at 6:00 pm UTC. Anyone interested in reserving B3X in advance can do so via the Bit2Me launchpad in four simple steps:

  • Create an account.
  • Select the phase and amount.
  • Check position in the list.
  • Complete B3X reservation.

There will be a total of 504,000,000 B3X tokens available at a price of 0.015 euros per token. The token sale will start at 6:00 pm UTC on March 1 and will end on March 7. The B3X price during the first phase will be at a 25% discount compared to the token price for the second phase. So far, over 8,000 members have signed up to participate in the token sale.

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