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Solidproof Obtains Licenses for its Transformational Auto Audit Tool Solution


Solidproof, a leading blockchain auditor that seeks to secure the skyrocketing value locked in hundreds of DeFi projects, is proud to announce that they have secured licenses for their auto tool, which has the potential to take DeFi auditing to the next level. The tool’s beta version is available to dedicated parties who will help with testing and final development.

Dubbed the Solidproof Automated Audit Tool (SAAT), the newly-launched product seeks to speed up the audit process, allowing the firm to bring certainty to multiple blockchain projects. SAAT introduces advanced code analysis that is much more efficient at finding loopholes and inefficiencies than manual tests.

The auto tool can scrutinize complex smart contracts and flag serious vulnerabilities such as timestamp dependencies and DOS attacks that hackers can exploit. The solution is designed to run tests that simulate actual transactions to examine how the protocol reacts to different real-life scenarios.

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The Solidproof founders launched their DeFi security solution to secure billions in user funds locked in various DeFi protocols. Per a report from leading blockchain data platform Chainalysis, the sector is plagued with rug pulls and other scams that remain the biggest threat to trust in the crypto sphere.

To protect DeFI investors from crypto-based crime that generated revenues close to record highs in 2021, Solidproof introduces unique audits and KYC procedures made in Germany. The firm’s solutions have helped secure 350+ protocols, building confidence in DeFi, the most profound financial revolution of the past decade.

Solidproof’s security services fuse autonomous and manual audit tests with excellent KYC procedures to bolster the safety of crypto projects and foster adoption in the promising sector. The German-based audit firm has customized its tech to cater to ever-changing market conditions in the crypto and DeFi sphere.

The company integrates high-quality KYC solutions to help rid the DeFi sector of malicious founders and token developers. The KYC process also establishes customer identity, protecting emerging blockchain projects from corruption and terrorist financing risks.

Solidproof achieves unprecedented DeFi security via its reliable and affordable code audits that help protocols root out bugs and inefficiencies that could lead to catastrophic hacks.

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