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Women-Led NFT Poetry Gallery TheVERSEverse Receives Grant to Build the Future of Literature in the Metaverse on Tezos


Today, theVERSEverse, a women-founded NFT gallery dedicated to celebrating poems as works of art, is thrilled to announce its first major grant, awarded by the Tezos Foundation to support literary innovations in web3. The award will help fund a series of planned initiatives to raise awareness of the potential for literature on the blockchain, and empower theVERSEverse to evolve its virtual home at 

Founded in late 2021 by the writers Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto and Sasha Stiles, theVERSEverse has become a leading destination for poetry in the metaverse and is among the first literary projects to receive funding for advances in the crypto realm. Having built on Tezos since launch, the gallery will now deepen its Tezos tech integrations and community engagements in order to scale its mission to empower writers via blockchain, enable meaningful, next-gen poetic experimentation, and bring mainstream readers into the metaverse.

“With their cost efficiency, minimal eco-impact, and ease of use, proof-of-stake protocols present exhilarating opportunities for writers experimenting with metaversal literature. That’s why theVERSEverse has been committed to exploring the future of literature via Tezos since launch. We are very grateful for the ongoing interest from the global Tezos community, and are honored to receive essential support from the Tezos Foundation at this pivotal moment for writers, editors, publishers and readers on the blockchain.”

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Empowered by a grass-roots community-driven movement, Tezos has emerged as the de facto art-driven NFT blockchain of all art genres. By leveraging the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain technology’s versatile and infinite possibilities, and the low transaction gas fees, theVERSEverse will contribute to opening new doors to explore the literary art of poetry in novel creative forms for new and established poets around the globe.

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