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How to Get Started as a FinTech Consultant 


A FinTech consultant uses technology to automate or streamline processes in the banking industry. Examples are mobile banking, trading platforms, and PayPal. Blockchain, digital banking, and artificial intelligence (AI) are trending in 2022. The first FinTech products were the credit cards that came out in the 1950s. If you are interested in working in this field, we provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. 

Skill, Qualifications, and Experience 

The ideal FinTech consultant is highly skilled in finance, technology, and business to serve their client base. Knowledge of a programming language, such as Python, cybersecurity, and customer software development would be advantageous. An MBA degree specializing in FinTech will take two to four years to complete. Students can attend a FinTech bootcamp to learn the basics.

Getting Started as a FinTech Consultant

Once you are qualified, you can either apply for a job in a company or set out to open your FinTech consultancy. Working for someone else for a few years first will round off your experience and give you more exposure to the field. Some job titles that may apply to FinTech employees are information security analyst, financial analyst, and blockchain engineer.

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Many small consultancies are being opened in the FinTech industry. Their focus may be smaller than that of a big company, albeit with less job security. At the same time, you will probably work more in-depth on specific projects. Thus, this is a great way to learn new skills and enhance your valuable experience. Some people move out of the banking sector to take up a position in a FinTech organization.

FinTech Consultancies 

FinTech consultancies hire talented employees as members of their consultancy teams. They will look for specialized experience that nobody else on the team has. One consultant may be proficient in data analysis and market research. Another employee is an experienced meta trader with in-depth knowledge of deep learning. Yet another person will be skilled with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. If you open a consulting firm, you will be the one looking for these specialists. 


Your business can only succeed if you attract clients that need your services and are willing to pay for them. To this end, make sure that you are visible and accessible. Create a website and include a blog. Write excellent, informative posts regularly that showcase your knowledge. Get involved in social media groups where relevant topics are discussed. Provide input that reflects on you as an expert in your industry. Sign up to LinkedIn. 

Professional Liability Insurance

As a FinTech consultant, you may get on the wrong side of some of your clients. For example, if you did not meet the deadline for a project and the client lost money as a result, they could sue you. That is why most professionals with their own consultancies get professional liability insurance online to protect themselves from honest mistakes or from being accused of negligence. Insurance is a must-have for any consultant or business owner. It protects you against the risk of litigation, which can be horrendously expensive and potentially ruin your business. 

The FinTech Trend

The FinTech industry is undergoing unprecedented growth. Its global value exceeds $166,000 billion. FinTech companies are taking clients away from the banking sector through the provision of client-centered cutting-edge technology.

FinTech is set to advance from one success to the next. If you feel that this is a fit for you then you are entering an exciting career at the right time.

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