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RhinoX Soulbound NFT Launches Roadmap Detailing New ‘Soul Breeding’ Mechanism on Web3


BinaryX, a GameFi development platform, today announced the launch of their official RhinoX roadmap which unlocks new and exciting use cases for soulbound tokens in the Web3 space. The roadmap reveals RhinoX’s ambitious plans to develop a ‘soul breeding’ mechanism that gives existing RhinoX token holders the ability to breed 2nd generation NFTs from their existing NFTs.

RhinoX Soulbound tokens

The concept of Soulbound tokens was first introduced by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. He envisioned a blockchain-backed, non-transferable NFT that could be used to represent an individual’s identity in the metaverse. RhinoX is inspired by that concept.

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Earlier this year, the RhinoX team launched the first iteration of RhinoX NFT, now known as the 1st generation Soulbound NFT. It is tied to a credit rating system and a behaviour analysis model that tracks key user data. A reward mechanism is also applied, and RhinoX holders stand to enjoy certain benefits according to their level of activity and milestone achievements.

Revealing the new RhinoX Ecosystem

According to the roadmap, RhinoX is set to enter a new phase of development, with a complete ecosystem and a few standout features.

Introducing the ‘Soul Breeding’ Mechanism

The ecosystem has an existing credit rating system and behavior analysis model. Apart from that, the team plans to introduce the ability to ‘breed’ new 2nd generation NFTs from the 10,000 1st generation RhinoX NFTs that sold out in June of this year.

The 2nd generation NFTs would be called Baby RhinoXs, and it will come with a different set of use cases, such as social identity building and asset collection.


“Personalisation is key to self-identification. We want RhinoX to be a canvas for creative designs to come alive. We hope that with the ability to personalise the NFT, RhinoX holders will feel a greater sense of ownership to the NFTs they own.” said Chun, Global Head of Business Development at BinaryX.

RhineT – A Web3 Social Networking Platform

RhinoX is also slated to launch a new social platform called RhineT. RhineT will be a safe space for users to connect and interact with each other on Web3.0. Users can perform actions such as browsing someone’s NFT collection, making connections with others, and chatting on the platform. Users on the platform will be authenticated through their ownership of the RhinoX token.

Cross Chain Interoperability Partnerships

In the latter half of 2023, the project intends to establish cross-chain interoperability to enable the movement of data and value to be transferred between RhinoX and other reputable NFT projects. This will open up new pathways for interaction and collaboration between Rh!noX and their partners running on multiple chains.

“These are hard times for the NFT market, but there is a silver lining – we are pushed to innovate and create a more sustainable environment for our RhinoX holders. We look forward to introducing the new features to our holders, and we’re excited to be the first platform to work towards this.” Said Chun.

What’s Next For RhinoX

RhinoX’s Credit Rating System is expected to go live in 2023 Q1. The system will be the foundation of Rh!noX’s ecosystem, and will give rise to new NFT use cases and applications in the Web3 space.

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