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Candy Club Integrates with OKC (OKX Chain) Ecosystem


Social crypto gaming platform Candy Club has successfully integrated into the OKC ecosystem and added a use case for the OKC token and community. OKC is an EVM-compatible L1 built on Cosmos with a focus on true interoperability (IBC) and maximized performance. At high scalability, developers can build and scale with low gas fees. The OKC ecosystem and infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface, enables a seamless experience for both developers and users.

Since Candy Club’s launch at Token2049 Singapore, the gaming club has been working with Ethereum layer 1s, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain & Tron projects to increase their token utility and demand despite the bearish sentiments.

“Candy Club’s chain agnostic token utility driver offers all projects an equal and fair access to elevating their token demand. We are proud to see Candy Club integrate with OKC to offer our ecosystem and community not only increased use cases tokens within our ecosystem, but also through a fun and social way to use them”  Nicholas Soong, Director of OKC Ecosystem Development, Asia Pacific

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In 5 weeks since launch, 25 token projects are in the process of onboarding onto Candy Club’s social crypto gaming platform and in turn offer their communities to experience over 600+ live casino, slots and sports wagering games using a derivative of each project’s native ERC20 or BEP20 token.

Through a tech and cost-free integration with Candy Club, the added capacity for any ERC20, BEP20 or TRC20 token to be used as an in-game coin in all Candy Club games increases the project’s token utility, improves token demand in crypto winter and re-engages otherwise stagnant communities in a bear market.

Furthermore, Candy Club’s Bonus Partner Program provides token projects a monthly reward of up to 1% in the cryptocurrency used by their community. This in turn translates into a healthier token treasury that can be used to accelerate token burn, allocate much-needed funds to ensure projects reach their roadmap milestones and give projects the financial flexibility to thrive this crypto winter.

“The last twelve months have been a tough bear market for the crypto Industry, many project tokens have not traded in months. Candy Club was born with the mission to not only bring crypto space together, but offer Token projects the ability to provide their communities with additional utility for their tokens. This allows projects to increase members’ engagement and improve their treasuries to weather this crypto winter and continue to build new updates to their projects.“ David Barrantes, President Candy Club


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