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DeFi Yield Protocol Rebrands as Dypius to Help Users Embrace Metaverse Opportunities


After experiencing success in the crypto space, DeFi Yield Protocol announces a complete rebranding to Dypius. The experienced team conducted several months’ worth of research to come up with the best way to represent what they had evolved into over the years. Dypius has the suffix of the nebulae in the galaxy. Nebulas are the formations of gas, dust, and other materials that “clump” together to form denser regions in the universe. They attract further matter and eventually become dense enough to form stars, planets, and planetary system objects. Dypius is the place of creation of stars, planets, and life. This is Dypius, a place to create and shape the future!

DYP began as a DeFi protocol at the dawn of decentralized finance, offering earning opportunities on three different blockchains. However, it was clear from the start that it would be developing into much more than that. In fact, the team sought to build a decentralized ecosystem with multiple DeFi products and services.

Soon, DYP expanded to include 12 unique products bringing value to the crypto market and its users. These solutions include the advanced analytics DYP Tools offering real-time data, market insights, breaking news, and updates on the latest market trends to empower users to make better-informed decisions.

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The newly-rebranded Dypius keeps the DYP Tools as one of the ecosystem’s most lucrative features. The same goes for the Dypius Launchpad, which supports new projects by helping them raise capital in a decentralized environment and get exposure to Dypius’ global community.

Additionally, the team is developing the Dypius Metaverse, a unique metaverse platform integrating the CAWS NFT collection. This engaging and convenient platform offers an immersive experience with exciting environments to explore, real-time user interaction, user customization, and much more. The platform will include a standalone application and a PCVR) play-to-earn (P2E) game allowing players to use their NFTs as companions in various adventures or to check their crypto portfolios.

Users can take advantage of the Dypius Metaverse to bring their real-life businesses into a virtual space. Moreover, users can access unique opportunities to earn rewards and in-game assets. This platform offers unlimited possibilities for regular users and businesses through sustainable growth and constant innovation.

The DYP founder Mihai Busica commented on the protocol’s rebranding to Dypius:

“From the beginning, I have always envisioned a project that users can benefit from in an accessible and secure environment. I am extremely proud of our expert team’s dedication and the project’s journey from a simple protocol to an advanced decentralized ecosystem. I urge our users to enjoy exploring our ecosystem and embrace each opportunity.”

About Dypius

Dypius, formerly DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP), is a rapidly developing DeFi ecosystem incorporating numerous versatile solutions, including yield farming, staking, NFTs, analytical tools, and Metaverse gaming. The project runs on unique smart contracts using the protocol’s proprietary anti-manipulation functionality.

The protocol’s token, DYP, is listed on top-tier exchanges, such as Coinbase, Huobi Global, KuCoin,, MEXC Global, Bitrue, Poloniex, and others.

The upcoming metaverse-based P2E game allows players to socialize in the open virtual world through features like the Mall, an NFT Marketplace, a DYP Shop, and a Trade Station. Furthermore, the game will feature a balance section, enabling players to deposit DYP and iDYP tokens to their wallets, withdraw rewards, or transfer credits.


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