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XETA Genesis Yields Millions via Advanced High Frequency Trading Algorithms


XETA Genesis is a DeFi platform that has been delivering monthly returns of up to 20% to investors in a year.

XETA Genesis was launched as XETA Capital in July 2022, under the leadership of Gavin Minty and the X user known as @Shotime2kX. The project has built a community of around 15,000 followers on X and 2,000 members on Discord since its inception.

The consistent performance of XETA Genesis can be attributed to high-frequency trading algorithms. The project applies it across a diverse spectrum of financial markets – forex, gold futures, gold ETFs, and other precious metals.

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Using DeFi, XETA Genesis makes the fertile opportunities in TradFi accessible to the masses. It enables them to leverage the technical expertise and resources of the project for affordable investments.

According to the team, the company has generated over $44 million for investors using its nuanced technical expertise. The average monthly return rate is much higher than the industry standard at 20%. There is a wide range of investment options, beginning with an accessible entry point of $250 to $250,000+.

Users can withdraw their returns on the platform every 28 days (XETA cycle). The XETA Genesis dashboard allows real-time monitoring of investments and returns.

Genesis Accounts vs. Genesis Pools

Users can join the ecosystem via Genesis accounts or Genesis pools on Avalanche or Ethereum. Since conventional cryptocurrencies are susceptible to market volatility, XETA Genesis uses the stablecoin USDC as the mode of deposits and withdrawals.

XETA Genesis Accounts

Genesis accounts are designed for small-scale investors. It offers various membership tiers with costs ranging from $250, $500, and $1,000 in USDC.

The potential returns from XETA Genesis account holders can range up to 20% within each 28-day cycle. Investors can make withdrawals at the conclusion of each XETA cycle. All XETA Genesis accounts will expire after a one-year duration.

If investors would like to continue earning returns, they must renew their membership by making a new deposit. All Genesis accounts entail a $25 monthly maintenance fee and a 2.5% withdrawal fee. It is important to note that principal amounts from Genesis accounts cannot be withdrawn.

The company announced it will close users account and forfeit their balance if the monthly membership fees go unpaid.

For example, a XETA Genesis Account with a $1,000 USDC deposit has the potential to yield a 100% return on investment within a year (at a 20% monthly ROI), even after accounting for withdrawal and maintenance fees.

XETA Genesis Pools

XETA Genesis pools provide an alternative way to earn returns through the platform and are part of the XETA Fund (XF). Better suited for medium to large-scale investors, they offer different tiers of investment.

$10,000 – Offers up to 5% monthly returns.

$50,000 – Provides up to 10% monthly returns.

$100,000 – Yields up to 15% monthly returns.

$250,000 – Promises up to 20% monthly returns.

Genesis pools charge a monthly management fee (2.5% of the principal balance) and withdrawal fees. Users have the flexibility to withdraw their principal with Genesis pools.

If a user deposits $10,000 into a XETA Genesis pool and let their 5% returns compound over a year without any withdrawals for the next 12 months, the balance would be approximately $16,000 at the end of that period.

Wrapping Up

Both Genesis accounts and Genesis pools offer various opportunities this year. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to user’s financial situation and risk tolerance.

If users wish to delve deeper into the project, there’s also the option to schedule a consultation with a member of the XETA team.

XETA Genesis is a project from XETA Ltd, which is headquartered in Belize. Leaders Gavin Minty and @Shotime2kX frequently show up on YouTube videos and address any doubts and questions the community may have. Additionally, users can engage with Discord coordinators around the clock. XETA Genesis has positive testimonials on its official Discord group.

As one of the most lucrative platforms that make high-frequency trading accessible to retail investors, XETA offers a compelling investment opportunity this year. Integrating USDC stablecoin as its currency, the platform provides a degree of insulation against broader market fluctuations.

Users are welcomed to Visit Xeta Genesis Website 


Like all investments, XETA Genesis comes with risks. So it is important to not allocate more funds than you can afford to lose.



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