Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Edward Burton

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Edward Burton is an experienced software engineer/leader with a passion for learning, relearning and optimizing both soft and technical skills. Over his career, he has hired, trained and led teams with an emphasis on TDD and best practices while delivering on high profile web projects. His technical skills and experience at building and leading teams give him an excellent foundation to execute in a leadership position for fast-growing organizations. Currently playing with => {[ 'React Js', 'Gatsby Js', 'Jest', 'Nginx', 'AWS', 'Linux', 'bash' ]}

Edward Burton – Proof of Concept for a Blockchain COVID-19 Response System

by Edward Burton, Developer Having outlined the rationale for using Blockchain as an emergency response system for the COVID-19 epidemic here: How Blockchain could help fight...

Edward Burton – How Blockchain could help fight COVID-19

by Edward Burton, Developer As a British expatriate living in Spain, I’m seeing the effects of the deadly coronavirus firsthand. At the time of writing...