Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wieke Beenen

Will China’s Clamp Down on Mining Create Long Term Impact on the Price of Bitcoin?

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He told a group of finance officials last Friday that the government would clamp down on bitcoin mining and trading....

Price of Bitcoin takes Plunge after Musk no Longer Accepts Bitcoin for Teslacar Purchases over Climate Concerns

The value of bitcoin has taken a serious blow after industrial designer, and engineer Elon Musk announced that it would no longer accept bitcoin...

Blockchain Global Market Report Shows Growth in Covid Era due to Demand for Safety and Transparency

With an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 79%, the blockchain market is looking towards a bright future. This recent growth (2020-2021) is mainly due...

At World Markets, Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized Trading

For long, developers have attempted to come up with an Al-based solution to increase profit returns in cryptocurrency trading. One of the first steps...

ConsenSys and WWF Panda Labs Team up on Project Impactio To Drive and Fund Social Innovation

ConsenSys Social Impact has teamed up with the WWF, to develop a new project called Impactio - a project curation and funding platform which utilizes Ethereum...

Codebase focusing Investments on Cannabis sector and Blockchain Ventures

Codebase, an investment company with a mission is to make strategic investments in emerging sectors and markets has announced that its future investments will...

Canadian City Council Enters Agreement with Coinberry to Accept Bitcoin for Tax Payments

Coinberry, a Toronto based digital currency platform providing simple and quick ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for the Canadian market, is negotiating with...

BitPay Processed More Than $37 Million in Bitcoin Donations Since 2017

BitPay, the largest global Blockchain payments provider, announced that it has processed more than $37 million in cryptocurrency-denominated donations since 2017. The latest major...

Generous Donation of $120,000 in Bitcoin by Anonymous Donor Very Well Received by Bitcoin.org

Bitcoin.org, an independent open source community website with contributors from around the world, received a donation of 14 Bitcoin ($120,000) on Monday. The donated...

ARK Launches the ARK Deployer, an Open Source Tool to Create a Blockchain in 3 Simple Steps

ARK, a leading Blockchain technology provider with an open-source Blockchain platform, has launched the ARK Deployer; a free tool that enables users to quickly...


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