Thursday, December 2, 2021

Wieke Beenen

Estonia is Latest Country to Allow Citizens to Buy and Trade Crypto

Estonia is now the latest country to adopt Bitcoin as their largest bank, LHV, allows customers to buy and trade crypto. Starting from next...

Peru Joins Forces with India, Singapore and Hong Kong to Develop CBCD

The president of Peru’s central bank, Julio Velarde, has indicated that the country will be joining forces with India, Singapore, and Hong Kong to...

New Cambridge-built Decentralized Carbon Credit Marketplace will Support Reforestation to Meet Glasgow Climate Goal

Now that the climate top in Glasgow has been wrapped up, and world leaders all flew home to their respective countries, we are kind...

Lack of Supply Could Drive Price of Bitcoin and Ethereum Higher

Bitcoin made a new all-time high early this morning, peaking at $68,500. Analysts are suggesting that a lack of supply is a major factor...

ETH Could Crack the US$5,000 Mark by the End of This Year

In case you were wondering whether to buy, sell or hang on to it, according to Finder.com’s panel of 50 fintech specialists, Ethereum is...

Bitcoin Price Heading Towards the $60,000 Mark in Recent Bullish Rebound

Investors seem to be gaining their trust back after China's ban on trading and mining crypto only caused a short lived drop in prices....

Putin says Russia will Not Crack Down on Crypto Like China

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to crack down on cryptocurrencies the way China has done recently. He expressed his tolerance for digital...

Bitcoin Flash Crash Wipes Out Over $200 billion From the Crypto Market Due to Impending Bankruptcy Evergrande

The bitcoin exchange rate has fallen to its lowest level since early August. Following a moderately bullish weekend, the market took a sharp turn...

Grand Time: The Eco-Friendly Blockchain Project With a Mission to Plant 10 Million Trees

Earning tokes every time you plant a tree? Yes you can. When you plant a new tree, take a picture or a video of...

El Salvador Unfazed by Bitcoin’s Recent Price Drop

The price of Bitcoin went down sharply on Tuesday, plunging 19% from $52,956 to $42,900 yesterday, undoing the gains it made recently and wiping...


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