Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Can This Korean Company Trump a President and Launch Peninsula-Wide Satellite Services?

KT SAT Co., Ltd., Korea’s only satellite service provider, announced on Monday plans to use technological advancements -- including 5G, quantum cryptography and a...

Indian Telecoms Regulator Targets Cold-Calling with Major Blockchain Project

In what may be the largest implementation of a consumer-facing blockchain project by a regulatory authority, India's telecoms regulator, Trai is planning to use blockchain...

Telecom & Blockchain Firms Collaborate on PoC for Ultra-Speedy Payment Settlements

Experts in blockchain, telecommunications and digital bandwidth have collaborated to demonstrate that settlement times between telecom carriers can be reduced dramatically through blockchain technology,...

ICO Picks & Red Flags for This Week

Issuers of initial coin offerings (ICOs) show signs of coming down, if not to Earth, then at least into lower Earth orbit. The pipeline...